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  • If we're doing a Triples Trinity, I'm Normal Leader, as for Mega Steelix, it's on an OU Team of mine!
    Lol VM's work better when you click on the person's name and comment on there page. But anyways, I believe I am free enough to take up a battle challenge. Is there a preferred Battle Style?
    You have to watch certain words you say in the thread, that's all. And when you do get ORAS or when SM comes, I'll be gladly to give you a match against my Mega Steelix, it is my #1 Favorite Pokemon.

    As for battling Gym Leaders, I am currently not in-charge of any Gym there since I'm the current Champion. I can only apprentice at Gym when they need one, and/or open one when a spot it open, of course anyone else can apply and take the Gym.

    As for now, I am free to battle for fun if you'd like.
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