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  • Yeah they had a news segment on her last night and she's written for Rihanna (Diamonds which I already knew and I heard her version and it was great), Beyonce, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, etc. Is it just me, or do you also notice the "Sia influence" in the songs she's written for other people? And I think it's so cool and she doesn't wanna show her face in interviews so that it doesn't become recognizable. I like that she knows what she wants out of the music business and what she doesn't want.
    So what do you think about Sia's growing fame? I personally like it. I've always considered her as underrated talent.
    I'm starting to come around Mila Kunis. I think Friends with Benefits helped. As for Happy, apparently it was just topped by All of Me, which I'm enjoying more atm. I've definitely noticed that my playlist isn't entirely pop like it has been in the past, and less than two-thirds of them I would consider mainstream. Either 2014 isn't selling it for me, or my music interests are maturing, or maybe a some of both. But it's really exciting. I'm usually not a big fan of music (except for playing it with my clarinet in band), but I'm really finding my medium.
    Tennis Court; adding that to the list. But yeah, that video further explains why Emma Stone is my #2 crush (behind Jennifer Lawrence). I think one of the reasons why I'm still not tired of Happy is the video of Pharrell's interview with Oprah, where she showed him a montage of people's versions of his song from around the world and he started crying. It's just a very optimistic song, and I love the background singers. Optimism is definitely something I have to look hard for every now and then in college. The songs you suggested last time all ended up in my playlist so I'm looking forward to checking these new ones out when I get the chance.
    I think my only hesitation with Scrubs is that it's been suggested to me by the Meddler who I really got into a heated argument with, but I'll probably check it out this week.

    I can't even take Fancy seriously thanks to this hilarious video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLBSoC_2IY8&hd=1 but I'll check out that other stuff. I feel like most of the songs in my playlist are still from 2013. My faves atm are Skyfall (2012), Young and Beautiful (2013), New Slaves (2013), Daft Punk (2013), and Team (2013), along with Happy and All of Me. Music seems to be kinda slow this year, but I've got a really mellow playlist going on, and I'm kinda digging it.
    I agree that Season 3 is very, very, close. I think it did a better job with some things that season 2 didn't, and the fact that it was a season 3 not trying to be a season 2 makes it even better. Season 2 has more classic episodes, though. The puppet episode was really... odd for me. I just can't describe it. It was really hard for me to get into it. But the origins one was pretty good. My favorite one was with Britta's dance. I'm still bummed about the show being cancelled, though. Today I watched 2 episodes during dinner. Idk if I'm just gonna keep rewatching the most popular episodes, or start watching Scrubs. Oh well, I have like 3.5 months of summer to decide.

    Btw how's music been?
    I like this argument. I'm gonna use it the next time it comes up with Jared, which is inevitable since I'm so butthurt over it. Okay, so what's your favorite season? I know most fans say season 2, but I'm torn between that one and season 3. And how bad did you think was season 4? I didn't think it was terrible, until the finale, but just not as good as the other seasons.
    Your cousin keeps telling me to get over it since it had a good run and that the last season was okay. But I keep telling him the last season was great and #sixseasonsandamovie and screw NBC. He definitely sounds like the more mature one atm, which is rare, but I wanna keep bashing this decision. I had no idea you were a fan, though. I thought he said you didn't like it, but I guess that was something else.
    Well tbh a 1:1 ratio is pretty unrealistic anywhere. I think 3:1 is pretty reasonable. That's cool that it's a commuter school, though. It's still possible to make friends but I guess you just have to put in more effort. And thanks. I probably shouldn't be watching Community videos but I'm reminiscing the good old days when I would watch episodes and not be stressed with finals... so like a week ago.
    Well, I can't advise you much about commuting. I dorm and I go to school of over 40 thousand students. And most people are procrastinators, but it's all about discipline. For example, writing a paper at 10:30pm that's due at midnight and then going to sleep for a couple of hours to finish another paper due at noon is majorly stupid plan that I'm in the middle of. I know commuting can be a real pain if you live a little far, so things like inclement weather and sudden cancellations could lead to a drive for nothing. Again, I don't know what it's like to live in a small school so I can't say much there. It's probably easier to get into parties, as opposed to ridiculous 7-to-1 guy-to-girl ratios... Yeah, I'm starting to ramble, but it's late and I'm in distress.
    Religious curriculum? Sounds terrible imo. I'm extremely pro-secularization, and just liberal in general (which apparently is one of the reasons why YDT hates me but that's a different subject). One or two friends shouldn't be too hard. Personally, I haven't done a good job with that, but I'll be hanging out with high school friends over the summer. And making friends is a great skill to have in college. Wow, I'm so excited for you! Which weird since I've never met you, but college is so great. It sucks, but it's great. You'll see when finals sneak up on you.
    That's great! So as a guy who's academically a year ahead, my advice would be to enjoy this last week of high school as best as you can, though I doubt there's much to do. And college is gonna be a thousand times better. More freedom, more diversity, people tend to be more tolerant of others. Sure, the work is harder, but it's also more related to what you wanna do. And you find out about yourself and stuff, or you're supposed to. And be ready to lose touch with almost everyone from your high school (unless you're going to a nearby school). It might feel bad at first, if you were a floater like me, but you get over it.
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