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  • Nah, no Dark Pulse, though that's not a bad idea.

    And, yeah, just had half of my good team and a few other 'mon (Pidgeot, Iago, etc.)
    Welcome, man. xD I didn't have my proper team, but I tried to put up a fight. Array's a wild card, she is. Dry Skin took her out. XD
    Hey, sorry, was that you I said that 90s joke to last night? If so, I have to apologize. I didn't even think twice about it, so!
    Hey, going somewhere is good! I'll have to check it out eventually. I just have had no time to dedicate as much energy to the writing area here as I used to. Did you ever finish Revenant?

    I have not been writing almost at all, really. Just busy and hitting a stretch where when I do have time to write, I have no ideas. Everything seems awful in my head when I have the actual opportunity.

    The wife is good. We went to see Hedwig And The Angry Inch. It starred the guy who played Dexter on the TV show Dexter. That was pretty cool; I guess it used to star Neil Patrick Harris, but Dexter took over for him. Either would have been nice, so it was win/win.
    Oh, things have not been bad. Just busy, really. I went to NYC for the first time in my life this past weekend to see a Broadway show. That was pretty neat. Other than that, it's a lot of work and appointments and goings-on.

    How about you? What have you been up to? How goes the writing?
    Nope, I havent gotten a Sylveon yet either.

    My my. I have a Nuzlocke started on OmegaRuby, but the rules for that one are the first 3, plus "No DexNav/shaky grass encounter Pokemon" and "No Exp Share".
    I would, but she got full. Oh, but she gets so happy when I give her green pokepuffs! She hops and does a small dance!
    OHMYGOD she's so adorable in Poke-Amie! I was playing with her earlier for some mad EXP boosting, but, like, my heart just melted <3
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