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  • yes it was but i won't be gone for long you know my friend thinks he can hack everything so im might have him work some magic
    this is fun i got 2 reportings in one day its a new record man (runs around with balloons cake and ice cream)lol
    hahahahahaha funny i need a good laugh and sometimes im not one to be known to play nice with others unless im feeling good today is fun
    finally someone gets it the people on here are too slow when it comes to mind games and so far your the only person i've seen that is as quick as me
    nah im just edgy today i went through alot and that usually happens to everyone who visits my profile and don't say hi so what did you REALLY want
    Thanks! :D
    I could really use the advice because I'm fairly new to competitive battling, and I'm mostly been going off what Smogon recommends :p

    I'll take your advice about Landorus and might have im as a 'Sub' XD
    I've updated my team on my RMT thread. Does it look any better to you (I've been looking at Smogon for a while)
    In a way, I see it sort of like Roserade. In terms of stats and sprite and such. But yeah, the totally barren, God-forsaken wasteland called its movepool was the hardest to work with. Its got just barely enough to keep it going. And yes, Quiver Dance is epic :3
    Yup, you've definitely been a huge help. Been tweaking that team for months, trying out new sets on Ninetales, hunting down just about every similar RMT I could find, and generally swapping moves and EVs as much as I could. I more or less know what I'm doing, I'm just admittedly stubborn to try new pokes, over stuff I like. Love the Landorus though, has slain many. Might take a month or more, but I'm totally getting that lost hero as far as she can go ;)
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