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  • Yeah, I know. That's cool that your supporting it, no one has left any comments I have noticed.
    Well my friends and I were planning to start podcasting. Haha that's true, have to keep it pg.
    Well, I stopped battling competitively for a while and I actually have no game with saved data, I have to check put the podcast.
    Why thank you, I was starting to wonder if anybody on here would reply to a rating of there team ^^; Thank you for the compliment as well. I try to give honest and respectful criticisms to what ever I give my opinion on the web or in real life. Sometimes it's hard not to rub someone the wrong way ^^;

    But I thank you for the kind words and it's nice to meet you as well.
    Oh, yep that I think that was where I saw it. May check it out later :p
    Also: I just hit 1100 points on the Smogon PO server. Doesn't sound like much, but its a leap from where I was xD
    Changed a few things around here and there, but its all good.
    Well that's pretty much all the questions I had. "Oh Canada your home and native land"XD.
    I know, believe me. I was going to ask one more question, its about canada, sorry but if I'm annoying you but Canada is great. I feel that I know more about it know. Anyway, do you guys call Canadian bacon, Canadian bacon, or just bacon or do you call it ham? What about our bacon? I now realize that when you read this you will think I'm incredibly stupid! Xb.
    Yes, not to mention because gyro ball is sronger on ferrothorn, I was actually thinking about the previous set but without t-wave, I like t-wave better. I will nickname it ferrotroll.
    Hey, I need help with ferrothorn, well I'm planning to use one, what would you recommend. I'm sorry were are my manners, Hello.
    Me too, that's why I tried to make this team an original as I could. And I appreciate you helping me :D We'll see how it goes once I start testing it :p
    Yes, I feel stupid now because I saw Canadian football and barely just remembered it, I think your football is more I want to say violent, well your players don't wear as much protection from what I can remember, I'm not confusing it with rugby, our rugby team sucks by the way lol, but yeah soccer is great. And I don't know why they get angry if soccer was or is British slang for it.
    I don't really follow hockey that much, we have a team, but I question why? During summer it's like above 100 Fahrenheit oh, sorry oh well( more ignorance), never mind and our winters are like 20-27 degrees Celsius even more sometimes.
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