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  • Actually it's like this in the u.s, I was on another website and the people were extremely rude, they were from the northern states, Seattle mostly, and the New England states. I'm from the south and we are extremely nice, but there are a few exceptions, they labeled me as an idiot because the media portrays that, and a racist, I'm Hispanic wtf, just because many southern states were passing anti immigration laws they assumed I was from one of those states, its crazy. My state has passed no such law, it's just stupid, it would incredibly hurt our economy, I'm from Texas, and my city is the 4th largest in the country, we also have the best economy in the country and we are were the jobs are at, lol sorry about that last part.
    Wow, really, I can't believe that. They are that proud(I couldn't think of a better word) that they would do that.
    Believe me I would never go to Quebec, well alone anyways, it's like if you went to Louisiana, the swamp people scare me, believe me I went there once, they stare at you like if they want to drag you into the swamps.
    This is random but okay, what is your take on Americans, I think Canadians are cool, except for Justin Bidoofus.
    Yes, I like bug type Pokemon alot, they're my 2nd favorite type. Yeah but iron fist on ledian is completely useless, like many other dream world abilities.
    Yes, I know, I completely messed up the last message, but it's cool looking, it deserved to be bug fighting, that way iron fist could actually help it.
    Oh, it was a false alarm, I feel bad for him, but he doesn't really need it he just wants to speed up ev training, and I like ledian it's a great(well you know what I mean) underrated baton passer.
    Its been working quite beautifully lol. I haven't been on PO in a day or two but may go crack some skulls later. Or get my skull crushed, you never know xD
    So far the only thing I've changed on it is running Yache on Landorus to bluff a Scarf. Its amusing when Dragonite thinks its all safe and gets Stone Edge'd :3

    Striaton Radio... I think I saw that in someone's sig. I'm not sure what a podcast is or what the radio/podcast itself is about, but its cool your getting guest appearances and such.
    Yeah, that is true. Haha - especially since I find myself responding to a lot of the profile/VM reports. It's nice to get a VM myself every once in a while. :p
    Hey, do you have a pokemon in hg with pokerus, any is fine, my friend needs one, thanks. I deletes my HG and transferred all my Pokemon to black so I couldn't help him.
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