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  • Haha, nothing like following the trends then, is there? xD
    Ugh, I hate the box... so... gah... ^^;

    Oh really? You should watch the show too; it's a great watch! I love how Haruhi and Tamaki remind me and Dentogirl (and you, I think?) so much of Wishfulshipping too. xD

    Well, I like the classic platform games, like Mario etc... but from time to time, I enjoy playing Assassins Creed, Super Smash Brothers, y'know, all the pretty well known stuff? I enjoy playing games involving shooting zombies from time to time too, but I can't really name any collective titles as it's quite rare... I enjoy Dead Island though. What about you?? xD
    Sure thing - nice to know! There should be coming up soon. ^^
    GAHHH! I really love (literally)all your AMVs! <3
    You're really great at editing especially on the Drew&Iris one. It turned out to be pretty cute. x3
    Even though I never found Penguinshipping interesting, I couldn't help but hit replay on one of it's AMVs. I think it was the one for Penguinshipping day 2012. I had so many feelings while watching it.<3
    I love your BossuHime videos too. They're one of my favorite pairings in SKET Dance.

    Sorry if I sound sort of like a fangirl. ^^; but I really do like your work. Keep it up! :D
    I love the moment's between them - in a way, they remind me of Strawberryshipping, with Sam mean like Ruby and Freddie quite reserved, yet still has a temper, like Chili. xDD
    I didn't get into the show per say, (I DID like it and all, but I wasn't really a rabid fan - me and my friend used to watch it together and that was all) but I still religiously searched for Seddie left,right and centre. xDD
    Well... yeah... I guess so. xD Oh, to be honest, I don't watch TV, so I don't really like anything; I only really got into Pokemon because, back in my childhood, there was never much money going around my family, but loads of the Pokemon stuff was cheap (like old videos/cards/plushies from old car boot sales or whatever), so me and my siblings would get that. That, and the shipping is definitely among the best in my opinion. :)

    BUT, that being said... I DO love Ouran Highschool Host Club. I finished the anime just yesterday - I was almost in tears for poor Tamaki. It's a weird one, is Ouran, because I love every single one of the cast, Hikaru and Honey probably being my favourites. x3

    That's great. I play video games from time to time too, though I normally have to go to my friend's house as we don't really have the right console for the games I wanna play... xD
    I've been drawing for my original characters, since I aim to post some art for the ones I created up on DA. xD
    Hahahaha, I noticed - it's nice to finally hear from you~
    Yeah, I have an account, but it was way back when I was into the kiddie shows, like iCarly (I don't really like it anymore though, lol) so my user-name is based on that, since I made it when I was about nine. xD
    It's "Seddiefan5", if you're interested. xD

    I've been... well, I'm still alive, so I guess I can't really complain. I've also taken up a new occupation; you should look at my "about me" info, and my title - that should be enough. Yeah, I'm disturbed... xDD
    And how are you?? ^^
    I have a DSi..don't you need a...erm...memory card or something though? I know I don't have one though :<
    I'm not into too many other animes really ^^; I've watched Ouran High School Host Club though :3
    Yeah that's the same with me...though with math it was helping me concentrate ^^; I guess it depends on the subject for me xD LOL! With how many AMVs you do I can't blame you :)
    Oh really? I didn't know you could put music onto the DSi o.o;

    XDDD LOL! I would do stuff like that too xD
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