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Hi. Ive been to a lot of forums, so Im no newb and Ive been playing Pokemon since 2006. Joined serebii since avoiding what was mainstream was too mainstream.
I dislike the term gamer girl. I mean, does a guy say he's a gamer boy?

I love Dustox because its an underdog. It looks like a furry lavender fuzzball who can poison you, destroy your ears, and hit you with a telekinetic attack ;) DOWN WITH VOLCARONA

Jk, I love Lil' Volkie.
I love Hoenn the most. It reminds me of the Philippines, my birthplace, full of bananas, funny politicians, cold winds even when its sunny, and tarsiers and its the first ever region I played.
I always use an elemental rainbow when it comes to team making, like, a red fire type, a yellow electric type, a green grass type, a gray/cyan flying type, a blue water type, and a purple poison type.
Im a little OCD, but I can control it :3
Im doing beautiful in school, all my grades are what youd consider high. But sometimes I dread Science, and I'm scared of Math everytime I dont understand the lesson.
I'd love to make new friends, i love conversations. but I cant start them for $hit. So anyway, hiiiii

Dustox, Swimming, Skating, Ryan Gosling, Dance & R&B Music
Inside Vespiquen. With Combees
Favourite Pokémon
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