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Mar 14, 2015
Oct 2, 2013
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Member, from Adelaide, SA, Australia

Silvah_Rush was last seen:
Mar 14, 2015
    1. Houndoom Heart
      Houndoom Heart
      Thank you SO much for the Treecko! Its perfect <33
    2. Houndoom Heart
      Houndoom Heart
      Hi there! I was wondering if you could possibly breed a Treecko for me? I can offer you any other starter and almost any other (breedable) pokemon :)
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  • About

    Adelaide, SA, Australia
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Welcome to the mad house! can i take your order plz!?

    Pokemon Games i own: Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Platinum, pokemon White and Pokemon Y

    Pokemon Y!
    Offering for Trade!: ;001;;004;;007;;158;

    Friend Safari: Pachirisu, Helioptile, Manectric


    Masuda Method Shinies: ;471; ;197; ;004;:570::610: Amaura, Noibat, Protean Froakie, :495: Deerling

    Friend Safari: Trapinch, Lampent, Sneasal x2, ;404; Snorunt, Crawdaunt

    Horde Shinies: Stunky x4, Nidoran female, Nidoran male

    Random Encounters: Audino, Tranquil, Flabebe (yellow)

    Poke Radar: Flabebe (white), Ditto, Skiddo, Scatterbug x2

    Soft Reset Shinies: ;250; ;245;;384; ;155; ;152;