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  • Sorry for accidentally missing this.

    But yeah, I also leave it to my fliers as well. I don't think I've ever used a slow tank like Pokémon in a game actually, so Wynaut start now?
    I haven't used one either so we're on the same boat haha. It'll he interesting playing a slower Fire type, cause the ones I usually like are fast ones.
    Alright, or maybe you could make one during the game. I usually do that, but now I'm planning ahead with mine. Might make the game tougher as well by using no Potions or items in battles, no using the standard switching rules, and having my team match the amount the Gym Leaders are using, if I'm able. As for my team, it's Mega Sceptile, Swellow, Corphish, Pikachu, Torkoal, and Glalie.
    I seriously can't believe how many examples I've seen of this.

    Moving on, hyped for ORAS?
    Then they praise other bonds between trainers and Pokémon which aren't existent in the slightest, at least to me.
    Same here, I really like it even though most people find it forced for one reason or another. :/
    I also liked a lot of moments in the Hoenn series, especially "Scare to Remember", it really showcases Ash and Pikachu's friendship well. :)
    Ah, sorry for missing your previous message. I ship all the Ash x Main Girl ships myself, personally.

    I have so many to list, but that's one of my favorites as well. :)
    Do you ship anything in Pokémon? Just curious about that, sorry if it's random.
    I can imagine so, you can't get to that many chapters and have people say it's good without being wordy. After all some stories that get that long are usually small in length.
    Wow, 85 chapters including the Author Notes? That's really long, the longest fanfiction I've read only goes up to 52 chapters, I think. So on average, how long are the chapters each, if you read it?
    Oh yeah, I rewatched some of it like a few years back as well, sure was fun and I wish there was more. ^^ Certainly beats out most Nicktoons nowadays too.
    I did watch it, one of my favorite cartoons back when they weren't bad. You did as well?
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