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~Silver Aura~

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  • It was one of the only mistakes I did with him, apart from accidentally switching off the lights a few times, which I also accidentally did with Kirara.
    Mizu just evolved into this cute seal Tamagotchi, but I don't know it's name. I hope he's a good care character - I accidentally let him sleep with poop next to him once, and his base weight is 50...
    I'm thinking of ideas for her - the only one so far is Kuchipatchi trying to make a potion (by himself) completely out of flowers, leaves and fruit that will his twin sister's anger issues, then screwing it up, leaving Mimitchi WAY too peaceful after he manages to trick her that it's a new icecream flavour by freezing it first, then letting her eat it, and Kuchipatchi completely shocked by the success. Eventually it will get too annoying for him to see Mimitchi suppressing her anger so much, that he decides to help her let it out in the worst possible way - forcing her to eat fish and other Mimitchi-unbearable stuff like supergluing her to the side of a McDonalds... (which to her, are in the top ten ultimate doom triggers to her) Wait... I was gonna make Kuchipatchi do ALL of those top ten things. That is if we're allowed to use characters that aren't our bishies.
    But then my Chobitamatchi, Kirara, on an also emulated version of Tamagotchi 2 (Japan only, contains Morino/Garden & Umino/Ocean type Tamagotchi) hatched from her cocoon earlier today, revealing herself as... Futagoaritchi! Futagoaritchi are never alone without another of their species, just like Futagotenshi. In fact, they are both S.Adult (secret adult) level characters. But in the GB game, I don't think Futagoaritchi is so secret... But the fact that she somehow found a found right after she became an adult is! You should've saw her cocoon. It had a face. ...and eyebrows. Just like when she went into her cocoon, I saw her eyebrows. Mizu (my Otototchi) hasn't evolved yet though.
    Hey PG. I just noticed the bishie thread got closed again, and that you made the second last post. Yes, Mimitchi's still my favourite Tamagotchi (though the last time I raised one was a few years ago) and yesterday I attempted to raise one again. The result? A Kodoten (Tamatchi's angel form) on an emulated version of the US/odd version of Tamagotchi GB. I had finished playing a game, and then daaaa-da-da-da... (Tamatchi lies on the floor with X-eyes, and the screen starts flashing) BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, BABEEP, (continues for a while, along with the black & white flashy screen) BABEEP... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! (insert sad death music of Tamagotchi GB in here and the death scene, which is slightly freaky) and the first time a Tamagotchi's died on me. Anyways, off the TMGC subject: Are your Chao going good?
    Hey, what's up? I've been playing Legend of Zelda:Windwaker lately. Got Triforce charts and a single piece of Triforce. Also been playing PMD often. How's your life?
    Tranks pikagirl for adding, I would ask if possible, if you had mesenger, I would very much like we were friends in the mesenger, could be possible?
    Tranks pikagirl for adding, I would ask if possible, if you had mesenger, I would very much like we were friends in the mesenger, could be possible?
    ok, well try out the jirachi. I accidentally sent you over a tm..but you could keep it. I love this new darkrai. It's awesome!
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