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~Silver Aura~

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  • I'm trying not to use items in battle anymore, since it's unfair because you can have 99 Revives which equal 99 Pokémon VS your foe's team of 6. And it's kinda cheap anyway.
    Well the goal is to make it challenging, but it comes off as a bit unfair to me since Gym Leaders can use Potions as they want while you can't.
    Oh right, I forgot about that rule, but you can also plan ahead for the trainer battles at least so you won't be in too much trouble. Is EXP grinding allowed in a Nuzlocke, or not?
    That's sad to hear, I hope you can successfully complete one someday, I don't think it's against the rules to make up a plan before starting one, right?
    I especially like the Summer Camp episodes, those are among my favorites in the series. I didn't use a Hawlucha in XY yet since it didn't catch my eye then, seeing it in the anime did help my opinion of it though. You play Nuzlockes? Are they as hard as they seem or not too much if you know what you're doing? XD
    Oh yeah, I heard about that as well. I keep up with the Japanese version since it's faster but I do watch the dub time to time. I really like Hawlucha as a Pokémon so it was nice to see Ash catch it, good episode as well. In fact, most episodes after this one in XY get really good.
    That's way more than the ones I've played, I've only played KHI.5HDReMix, which is KHI Final Mix, KHRe:COM, and the clips from 358/2. Next one I plan to get it KHII.5HD and then 3D.
    That's awesome, to get to play KHIIFM and try out BBS. Both of them are supposed to be really good and have an awesome story. ^^ So which KH games have you played so far?
    I used to be pretty bad at it too but I think the original Chain of Memories was just tougher overall, so that's why. While the PS2 version was easier with all the difference they added. Do you plan to get the KHII.5HD remaster then? It's a collection of KHII, KHBBS and cutscenes from Re:Coded all remastered in HD. I heard there'll be two secret movies that link into KH3DS, but I haven't seen them yet.
    I really liked how his storyline played out overall. Do you have a favorite Kingdom Hearts game then? Mine would be probably Re:Chain of Memories, the one with the cards.
    Same here, Sora is awesome. :) I also like Roxas a bit too after playing 358/2. At least now I try and make an effort so add to the discussion, before I typed practically nothing to add to the discussion haha. I'll be sure to, thanks again.
    Do you have favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts? I'll be sure to keep a note of this, thanks for the explaination. I haven't seen Megaman NT but I have an idea of how it's like though. No worries about that, I should try and keep my Visitor Message posts longer but they always come out as a garbled mess haha.
    I'm mostly into stuff like Kingdom Hearts or Fire Emblem, I also enjoy Nintendo games as well. No I haven't, what's it about?
    That's nice to hear, I'm doing fine myself.

    Is there anything we can talk about or nothing comes to mind?
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