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Silver Totodile
Last Activity:
Jun 4, 2011
Nov 21, 2010
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Castelia City...

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Silver Totodile

Well-Known Member, from Castelia City...

Silver Totodile was last seen:
Jun 4, 2011
    1. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between June 4 and the time of this message, your claim on Pignite on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    2. Pokefan0234
      Haha, it's alright. ^_^ A lot of the other RPers have been disappearing, or at least not posting as much, (like me. =P) It's just that time of year. x_X

      I dunno if I'll be getting a post up today, though when I do, I can send the message along. You don't need to worry about it too much, though.

      Sure; go ahead with the idea if you feel like it. =) You can start your next post listening to Hiya talk about the teams or something, too; honestly, your not too far behind.

      Post whenever you get the time. The RP has gotten to the point where people are pretty much just doing whatever they want to, so there's no rush. ^_^
    3. Pokefan0234
      I agree, Death Note is awesome. ^_^ Well... at least it was until L died. I don't really like Light, (for some he just annoys me =P), so I was kinda cheering at the end. Rest of it was great, though. XD

      Haha, thanks. ^_^ I've been role-playing for a while now, so I guess I can say that I know the basics. =) And hey, for a guy who I don't see often on the RPG thread, you're not so bad yourself. I love how Shadow's always so timid... and how he's afraid of Venipedes. >=D
    4. Pokefan0234
      Lol... forgot to mention it in my last post, but yeah, I did base Viro a little bit on L, (his name was originally supposed to be V). =)
    5. FireTheAbsolLord
      Hate to bother you since you don't know me, but as I was checking out the PMD roleplay thread for the new post (Which I believe was yours) I noticed that you were doing a Leafgreen nuzlocke as well, and also had started with Charmander. I'm also in the roleplay, if you don't know, so I find this a funny coincidense.
    6. Pokefan0234
      Hey! I noticed your char has a fear of Venipedes... and since I'm playing a Venipede myself, it's gonna be awesome if we get put on the same team. XP
    7. Breezy
      Congrats! =)
    8. Maylu Sakurai
      Maylu Sakurai
      Quit hating on dawn fans
    9. Dattebayo
      .... *hiss*
    10. Dattebayo
      "She's also partly the reason why I got White too, because she's great in the anime."

      Yet she has crushed my dream of seeing Dawn in a possible Super Smash Bros. 4, and I will never forgive her. *hiss*
    11. Breezy
      Whatever makes you happy. =P
    12. Breezy
      Always a good plan. I wish I could do that. I tried it for the story I'm writing now, but I ended up posting the backup chapter when it got over a month since my last update. x_X It's strange, though, as I do get plot bunnies for the next chapter from reading reviews.

      Yeah, I would give yourself some leeway to make changes in chapters in case you do get a brilliant idea later.
    13. Breezy
      So you want a review before you actually post it on the forum? =P You sure you'd rather not just have the post count under your story? Haha.

      If you have the urge to write, then take advantage of it, even if it's some sort of super detail outline for a chapter. Those moments are quite fleeting (and kind of annoying if you have a plot bunny that won't go away).
    14. Breezy
      No problem then. I'll be on the lookout for it in March, though feel free to remind me just in case. XP I'm also glad you're enjoying HLBMA. Hope it's coming to some use for you. =P

      The main reason why I only review and not beta is because I suck at betaing. Lol. I really suck at catching minor errors. With reviewing I can be a tad more general; betaing, on the other hand is really, really meticulous. So I'll definitely review once you do post, but there are better betas out there. XP
    15. Breezy
      Sure. What story?
    16. Canto
      Oh yeah, I forgot about Heracross, he's pretty awesome too.
    17. Canto
      I got it now. Yeah, Pendoraa is pretty cool. I'm not really a big Bug-type kind of guy outside of like Butterfree.
    18. Canto
      I don't know which one that is. Are you talking about Pendora?
    19. Canto
      Most of them are pretty cool to me, except Kerudio. When I see it I can't help but sing ~My Little Pony~. XD I quite like the other Musketeers and the Raijins. Genesect looks like some kind of alien, which is cool actually.
    20. Canto
      I think Vanipeti is cute actually, but it's evolutions creep me out. I'm getting White also. Which are you getting?
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    Castelia City...
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    A young, gay vegetarian pacifist with a passion for writing.

    Reading, Writing, Games, Music. I'm also currently hooked on using my table on everything.


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