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  • Yeah, I love using gifs.
    Gifs are cool.

    ^^^^^^^Rainbow version^^^^^^^^


    VVVVVV This one is my favorite, lol. VVVVVVVv
    I really don't know why I posted that black guy dancing with the fried chicken in that message by the way...
    I also just see it's sended twice in one message. Lol.
    Hello my congener...
    It seems it was our destinies that we would meet each other...
    We phoenixes, need to work together, to take over the world...

    omg! well, goodluck in school! It's important to get good grades! Just PM me back whenever you have enough time to trade/battle or whatever. Also, here is my new Platinum code, incase you don't see me in wi-fi with my Diamond account-

    4125- 4552- 1704
    Hey I would love to trade with you again, but I am really caught up in school atm and haven't been replying to anyone.

    I went on Serebii today and I had 15 messages from people! :O
    why does it say visitor message? lol. But thanks about the info on Spiky Ear Pichu. I thought it was the same thing as the Pikachu colored one, and it only didn't look like it had Spikey Ears because it wasn't on HG/SS. lol.
    Well, for Spiky ear Pichu, you have to get it your own since it's untradeable to other people.

    And what forum are you talkin' about?
    I saw your post on Shaymin and are you looking for Pikachu-colored Pichu? Can offer one since I have three.

    The Notched ear Pichu can't be traded out side the game. (See Serebii.net page about Notched ear Pichu for more information).
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