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  • Hey, just wanted to say that I hope you're doing well and that things are going smoothly for you.
    You're a great pal and I hope that you'll have a bright future ahead of you man. Sometimes things may be tough, but remember that you'll always have people out there who'll support you through those times where we need it most. So keep on rockin'.
    Does saying that you owe me a sandwich bring you back from wherever you are?

    Oh yeah even though I have a PS4 for only like 2 months now I already beat you in terms of platinum trophies(unless you forgot to update) I now have ONE!

    Edit 2018 11. Oh yeah, I also picked up Clannad the Visual novel, took long enough.
    But this convo should go to PMs cause 420char
    Just thought I'd mention that in the "Who's That Character?" thread you tagged the wrong person when referring to Maou Sadao. It was me who put him there. But yeah he's so adorable and I love the series :3
    I see.

    I don't do random battles? I don't know what you mean by "tiers" in Pokémon battles.
    (I treat this about as seriously as the Lilligant army thing, so don't be shocked!)

    *Hides Xerneas and Yveltal, just in case*

    Did you not cry, did you like have your heart removed, oh wait, you're undead...
    *Builds a house out of them*

    *It burns through the ground right to the center of the earth*

    It's an experience, what is like like to be of short attention span :p

    Not trying to super scold me like when I was not interested in some stuff you liked, something sounding pretty generic by synopsis, but I do remember it sounded like a planet or something? Hooray.

    But dungeons are supposed to be awful!

    It was down for like half the planet due to some copyright BS meaning you had to mask your IP to access it, then after that problem went away it just had general quality issues like the ones I mentioned.

    I'll try again...
    And will probably re-enable adblock there too, pop ups are trying to screw me over.
    And I'm downloading now, the site is still a mess, sometimes it gives like 8 captchas in a row... Is slow to load and now the inconvenience with downloading.

    Aaaaaaand I watched it.
    Some parts were embarassing to even watch, and the ending was pretty weird.

    I also got back to playing Fates, those other Lunatic/Classic runs as a follow up to Conquest, and unlike some other games, I didn't lose my ability to play well, but it seems you still cannot beat a map on your first try regardless of your skill level and plain up luck.
    So my first solid attempt at the map where you get to recruit Benny and Charlotte went really well until Effie died because how could I have known that a bunch or riders will spawn on Benny's side after a few turns. Good luck outrunning paladins with that abysmal movement stat. And I had like just 7 enemies left before getting screwed that way. Oh well, at least the Rev version of this map isn't as bad as the Con one...
    #723 - Dartrix


    There's definitely something not quite right if we fail to finish before Gen 8.
    Hmm...I dunno. I almost care less about those kinds of spoilers. But Cars 3 got a video game literally 2-3 days after it was in theaters. God people! Wait a freaking month!

    I see.
    As long as you don't reverse engineer a disintegration ray out of it!

    Why this one, yeah it has a second name being "Through the sea of time" but still.
    But we'll miss out on each other's song references, like my previous post had a whopping two of those not counting the obvious one where I point out the name of the song.
    Who knows how many of those you posted over the course of eternity.

    Do I win?
    I hope you admit defeat before it melts down.

    So it sounds very bland and nothing special in concept but with great moments?
    I mean I chosen to add some stuff to list just because of a silly concept.

    My definition of really good while catering to something would be plenty of references to various things not limited to anime and the bliss of going, HEY, I KNOW THAT REFERENCE! whenever you see something familiar.
    You won't get mad if I say I will put it to the very end of the backlog, but knowing my anime watching habits I may get to watch it at my funeral from my coffin because it will definitely take a while to get there, a while is the wrong term, eons perhaps is far more suitable.

    I hope you won't mind the smell of treasure and the rotting corpses of the would be looters however the food is pretty amazing for a dungeon, you can get fully cooked and seasoned chicken hidden in walls and the century old barrels have fresh vegetables in them!

    Well since I caught up on my backlog of non games/anime I might as well do the reality check and realize just how much I need to seek help...
    *Slips you a "Please send help" note*

    Also, kissanime is a huge mess from when I last been there, now there tons of captchas and no easy to download with quality options, like I prefer 360p to have saved on my phone for storms and other times without power yet the only download links that I found lead to a 0,25 GB file which is ways off for a 360p 80ish MB.
    Is there some other place you can recommend?
    Hey you know that if you want to make people cry on this forum you have to play the other Sacrifice, right?
    We're much too different, you were referencing that song all along while the first thing that came to my mind was Rancid's Cold Cold Blood

    *Adds chromium plated boiling metal, brighter than a thousand suns*

    Sounds like even you forgot what it is about...
    Fair enough. *Adds it to the pile of the stuff to watch*
    If you look into the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out firsthand what's it like to be me. *Throws it into the pile*
    I take that as a yes and that I'll not enjoy it because of it.

    Besides you do realize some titles actually have weird symbols in them just because they think they can get away with it and then you get confused because it is not alphabetical as it starts with a symbol.

    Fine then, I shall sentence you to jail until you beat those games 100%, sucks to be you if you have any extremely difficult games!
    Off to the dungeon with you!
    With cold, cold blood!
    *Randomly freezes half of the room with you*

    *Reinforces it with metal and whatnot*

    Well it doesn't sound all that interesting now that I found it.
    Maybe so, but I was never too into supeheroes and stuffz, and I find it weird when people get super hyped when a trailer for those movies comes out...

    So if the synopsis is poorly made, what makes it stand out?
    What degree of stupid, there's a line after which it turns not even funny and just stupid.
    So you liked a chocolate heart microwaving reality check? I hope it is better than just looking in a mirror.
    Now it just sounds like being made specifically for otakus...

    Strike things normally then, I expected you to try and make it look cuter or whatever.

    Screw you mortals and your mortality trivializing executions...
    Freeze it!
    *Tries to siphon some freon from a broken down freezer to help in that regard*

    *Fixes it before smashing it on your head and repairing again*

    WIXOSS isn't cliche at all, and it is dubbed. (Card games aren't my thing)
    B-but Shomin Sample has a dub and is weird (Weird can be good or not so good that kind of weird does not sound like my thing)
    Akame ga kill doesn't get too bloody. (hooray!)
    My Hero Academia is amazingly good and has a dub

    Following also have dubs:
    Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Doesn't sound too fun)
    Date A Live (and S2) (Wait what.. *Cries out of laughter*)
    Ao no Exorcist (Over the 3 month period I played two games and watched three movies about slaying demons and whatnot and I think I need to take a break from that)
    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (and S2) (Sounds like I'm in for a harsh reality check if I commit to this series...)
    DanMachi (Is this what the fans abbreviate it as? I am having trouble finding info on this...)
    Gakkou Gurashi!(Zombies? *Stamps it with "Nah" instantly*)
    GATE (and S2) (*Internal indifference*)
    ~~Love Live! School Idol Project~~(I am going to be so dead not sparking any interest in this because you seem to like it very much. *Has started running before you finished reading the sentence*)

    strike=No for sure
    underline=Needs convincing
    bold=sounds good

    When the dragons take over the world I'll make neglecting your games worth a death sentence!
    Not that my rule would be all that great though, power struggles and backstabbing is not that great of a thing.
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