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  • Yes, but who would like to entertain some NSA creeps who make a living out of watching the stupid things you do and other living room drama...

    *Smoke comes out from the B button*
    Dan Green. Loved his Yami Yugi voice from Yu-Gi-Oh, but certain characters he voiced in Pokemon I didn't like so much... and Knuckles from Sonic X, from what little I used to watch of that show.
    That moment when you realize: "The person who voices this character sounds dumb"

    *later finds out the same actor/actress voices another character you like*

    "Well, ****."
    It's lasted decades, if not, centuries in a select few countries. Just ask guys like George Washington. The guy is probably rolling in his grave angrily right now.
    Which makes even less sense...
    There already is an xbox one, it is the original xbox.
    More the reason not to get an xbone, I don't want the NSA see me singing with a hair comb as a mic...

    SilverChiko has stopped evolving.
    I loved it. I'm not perfect with Roman numerals. But so far they're going to episode 9 with 3 side movies. Rogue One, a Han Solo prequel, and a Boba Fett sequel.
    What's with the 2-3 letter words for the consoles?
    I'd like it if it was like the gamecube or something, but it's at least more creative than the playstation naming or *shudders* the latest xbox name.
    xbone, like is that crossbone shortened?
    They are secretly encouraging piracy!

    Press B
    Yeah, was almost convinced it wouldn't happen though while it was happening. Also you should probably avoid putting spoilers where people who havent seen the movie might see it. just letting you know.
    Wii U, just why?
    It sounds too much like some add on...
    Or NX, not really the best name in my opinion...

    I'll take that as exploiting loopholes to somehow turn into Bayleef!
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