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  • Fake your emotions! Get a chocolate heart as a substitute, something to look alive!

    Or I'll smash it in your head before fixing it!

    Oh, another list, will get to it after breakfast.

    Everyone keeps saying that although I'll hold off on getting it for now, because 3 unplayed/little played games are quite a lot for me and I'd have fix that.
    #717 - Yveltal

    Meanwhile in Tokyo and NY.
    What's your opinion on Korean culture? You know... southern side.
    I find it to be very fascinating; especially their entertainment industry. Not the biggest Kpop listener, but the video content in which they create will leave you entranced. e.e
    No you can't, however you can at least pretend to not be dead on the inside if you are.

    Why did you do that, I was supposed to do that because I beat Wings of Vi not on easy mode and it is one of those sadistic platformers that just want you to die.
    Although my keyboard did not suffer too much from that, only those stands to make it elevated diagonally broke.

    I watched Assassination Classroom and S2, and will look into the rest, you also said Angel Beats is good?

    Nisekoi (Neither hooked nor deterred by the description, listing it as "Maybe")
    Selector Infected WIXOSS (and its S2, Selector Spread) (Sounds like a cliche thing)
    Shomin Sample (Just no...)
    Urara Meirochou (I didn't quite understand what is it about)
    Assassination Classroom (and S2) (Watched both already)
    Akame ga kill! (Maybe, depends on how bloody it would get)
    Boku no Hero Academia (Maybe not, not sure why)

    Then I'm not sure which ones of these have dubs.
    The list of instant no's is:
    No dubbed version(unless the dub is one of the good ones with editor's notes shedding light of some confusing and/or cultural things)
    Way too violent
    Hentai/borderline hentai

    Also the steam summer sale just hit and I seem to be the indecisive dragon just like Elma because my entire wishlist went on sale.
    I'm tempted the most by CLANNAD the visual novel but there's plenty of other stuff too... This world sucks where you can't seize everything with your dragon powers...
    Or I'll hold on to getting anything for now since I got a gift...
    True, true!

    Ah, sorry man. I guess yours is a lot worse than I am. I just hope you can just get used to it soon. Maybe try and get some help from someone who could help you train and stuff?
    I know right, I'm glad they're over man... I am so relieved I managed to pass them. uou;
    Hey, it's nothing man. We're friends and friends are there to support each other. It's nothing.
    But I like the way Mightyena looks...and really, when has there been a 3rd evo for a canine? Other than lillipup of course.

    Dang. Oh well. Maybe later then?
    ayyyy (':
    I know I've said it like twenty times now but it's cool to be able to speak to you more frequently now man

    It's also just hard. Like, what do you even say? I dunno, I'm usually just silent I guess. It's kind of a pain.
    Yeah my school was like "yo you need a coach" so I got one I guess? Haven't really spoken to her a lot lately thanks to exams though ;>^>
    Hey, I'll gladly fill that role man! Seriously, I only wish you the best of luck dude.
    I still use it. I like battling with my favorite Pokemon. I just wish Mightyena was better.

    Do you wanna battle or something?
    It's pretty fun to work with! Wait I'll tell you more about it on Discord, alright?

    oh rip i forgot
    Anyway, I send you a friend request man! Thanks for wanting to keep in touch man.

    Good luck dude! It can be a bit intimidating, but you just need t push yourself I guess?
    I dunno. I'm not the best when it comes to socializing either. (': Like I even have someone like help me with that, like a coach? I dunno.
    Well, hopefully it'll go well for you man! I believe in you! ;o;
    yeah, i mostly just lurk youtube and reddit i guess, sometimes tumblr. i dunno, ive also been getting into rpg maker lately. (sorry, probably not that interesting)
    nah, i'm just Petilil because i'm uncreative (':
    heres a screencap i guess?:

    Ah, sorry to hear man... Hopefully they'll be well again soon.
    Try to make the other half something special then dude! I dunno. I guess it can be kinda hard at times and you sometimes feel unmotivated, but you have to try and break out of that state you know? Just go "I'm gonna do something!" It doesn't even need to be something super special. Just do something that makes you happy, alright?
    Sorry if I'm not much help man.
    ahh im excited for you dude! hopefully these two months dont take too long for you then uou

    i do indeed! :D [my tag is floffy#4970 if u wanna add me!]
    thank you! i've been doing very well recently. it's not perfect, but life is good uvu
    i'm currently active on discord tbh other than that, i guess just lurking random sites lmao v(ovo)v
    do you have discord perhaps? here's my chat id if you want: #7939

    do you want to talk about it? you can send me a pm if you want.
    i'll try my best to help out, even if it's just lending an ear. i promise i won't judge you or anything. i dunno, if venting would help you then you have my permission to vent at me if you want.
    Nope. Not if its Sun and Moon. I'm only playing it to see the story and stuff. Besides. An Absol with the ability super luck is better. I play competitively on OR.


    I don't give a bark and a howl. It's not a quadruped. I like Midday form more. It's literally based on my favorite animal. A wolf. I've just taken a sudden liking to it these days. And Rockruff is cute!
    i hope that youre doing well and that the rest of the year goes well for you bro because you deserve a hug because you are a good friend even though im barely active here sorry about that but i still think youre a good friend dude sorry for not really being active here anymore but anyway i hope youre doing well man and that youll continue to do well man
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