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  • ahh i really hope the rest of your year is much better dude, you deserve it! ;O;
    That's okay. Just make sure to try and check on me. Lol.

    ASB? What's that?

    Still bored as hell. I want Lyacanroc Midday form. But I have Moon. I don't like the Midnight form.
    Not even in death you can escape me, because I can bring you back and whatnot with dragon genie powers, and I seem to have done that for just the selfish desire of having some conversation to kill some time because I'm taking a week long break from video games because one crazy hard final boss of a crazy hard game took me 31 hours and 2321 deaths, because my pride did not let me play on easy. I think my mind and claws pretty much are at their breaking point now(Resurrecting things isn't part of the treatment for that, but it is amusing!) There's also a hard mode, but since normal mode most likely gave me PTSD already I am not going to even touch it.

    So yeah, long story short you are back from the dead just because I wanted it.
    Lust, pride and greed are one of the worst things about dragons, but you'll have to deal with those for a while...
    Take one for the team, for the two creature team, unless you get something else on board.

    So since I'm on hiatus from videogameland for my own health I'd be open for some anime recommendations.
    Woof woof! What's up old friend? Have any free time on your hands? Cuz I've graduated and have wailords of free time! Aside from working that is...and sleeping. Lol!
    I didn't, even though that crazy possessed archer for a sibling really tried to kill me...
    I didn't even need to use that revival staff...

    Conquest/Lunatic, the Hexing Rod mode.
    #709 - Trevenant

    I guess the same could be said about most developed worlds. Manufacturing seems to be a thing of the past, and we instead insist on underdeveloped nations and sweatshop labor to do it all. R.I.P.

    A story? I'm listening.
    Oh. I see well I've been active in the True or False Game, and Extremely Wrong Answers to Pokemon Questions...that's where I can unleash my randomness!!! Derp! :p
    Well, I'd like to see all of them. I think Nico and Yoshiko would get along good. Honoka would probably give Chika and the others her blessing so they can be as sucessfull as muse.

    Yes, that song is great too.
    Yeah, that would be interesting. Even better if they perform a concert in Otonokizaka and later end up meeting the former muse idols in person.

    Great! Aozora Jumping Heart is catchiest Aqours song IMO.
    The movie dosen't necessarily have to be about Aquors disbanding. It could be about them participating in a big international idol contest or something.

    A live viewing? Yeah, that does sound exciting! Did they perform Aozora Jumping Heart?
    Oh, I see.

    Sunshine S2 is coming later this year. I wonder if we'll get another LoveLive movie(with Aqours being the main focus) after that?
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