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  • That's right. In April. So I guess it's a joke. April fools!

    #703 - Carbink

    Had a rough end of last year up until a bit earlier this month. Things are gradually drifting back to the way they should be.
    What do ya mean? Also, what anime is this from?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. It's from Arakawa Under the Bridge.
    That'd be good enough! ^^ hehe! But how short?

    I probably won't. I'm not the kind of person to go to the forums...I mainly stick to chatting with people and making friends.
    For testfire of these harmless nerf guns.

    *Makes you join the conga line while I leave it*

    Oh really? Prove it!

    Sheesh, what a let down, at least do solo Elise autopilot mode for teh lolz.

    Absol-utely. I'll clear conquest and start out revelation, and actually use the darn sword of legends I never did because I reclassed the avatar. Then the only choice then will be to choose Hosido Noble or Nohr Noble. Tomes seem like a bad addition if you have high level dragonstones already, but Draconic Hex sounds just too good, but then you can't heal. The darn choices!

    Btw, a while back playing on Hard I thought FE had really good AI, but now almost at the end on Lunatic I noticed a few holes in it.
    Like a high Res unit in guard stance fights 1v5 against two axe guys and 3 mages.
    So the first axe guy attacks, huge damage, the shield meter is 60% full. HP low enough if the second axe guy attacks a mage will get the kill afterwards. But instead a mage attacks dealing little damage and filling up the meter entirely.
    Then the AI goes like, hey the HP is low enough for the axe guy to get a kill, attack! *The attack does no damage due to guard stance*
    While anything with a brain would use the mage to get rid of the guard, then kill with the axe guy.

    Remember my "I didn't miss any side loot aside that useless Elixir"?
    *Throws said statement out of the window*
    To hell with those Inevitable End ninjas, the only reasonable way to beat them would be to use and abuse my witch with lots of rally stats to the point of insanity. And the fact that said witch is the avatar would really undermine the gimmick of dueling Ryoma(Beat both bosses in 20 turns, is this a joke? Even though The duel isn't so hard for me.)
    Did you get the loot on lower difficulties?

    *Is at Nohr chapter 26 on Lunatic, just realized that it is useful to keep the upgraded Yato on a non sword avatar for stat boosts*
    Now how did I make it this far, hardly knowing the basic stuff?!
    Cool cool. I'm stuck st work for another half hour, then I'm done.

    Speaking of reading, I'm reading the Star Wars: Tarkin novel.
    *Shoots you in the head*

    *Uses my psychic powers to make you dance and therefore making your camera drop*

    Oh really?
    Tell me who owns the planet to file any complaints?
    Earth dragons, please...

    Not exactly, they tend to do more harm than good, Unless you're running high Skill, custom name Aching Blood Mjolnir or any killer weapons, and maybe death blow for added overkill.
    Honestly I don't like offensive skills all that much, aside Astra, and maybe Rend Heaven(high activation rates yay). Because they also throw off guard stance, while Astra helps fill up the gauge and can only do harm VS Counter opponents.

    But the worst of the worst is Lethality, absurdly low activation rates, screw guard stance and goodbye skill slot.

    Hey, I will not lose, hopefully...
    Of all of my RPs, it's been 1 of only 2 that reached as far as NN coming in for the first time. I have a way of getting rid of him...but at a cost...ya know what I mean? But other RPs that aren't as extreme are fine too! But I do like all those fandoms we had in there. Pokemon, Spyro, and DBZ... I'd like to RP with you some more if that's possible. Is it?

    I'm sure. Though it. Seems like the kind of RP I may do...I dunno. Lol
    *Gets nerf guns*

    *Can't stop dancing*


    Sheesh, I need a tome that cannot crit or trigger offensive skills because I'm tired of crits messing up guard stance calculations for me...
    I wonder if a spell variation of the Shining Bow exists, that would really help me not have to rely on Miraculous Save whenever crits ruin the fun :(

    I'm not dead yet, I beat crazy Takumi on the great wall of Japan Hoshido.
    Leo should get Galeforce soon, so yay!
    It's a pretty good game! The anime isn't as good as the game, so I wouldn't really recommend that, but Amnesia: Memories has a decent amount of play time, lots of character development within each person and a pretty neat plot twist if you play all four original endings... I recommend getting it on Steam!
    Exactly! And the memories created back in the second half of...2013...so many memories. Such a golden age of my life...like you would remember the RP we had going. I still do. Big time.

    Ah. I figured as much.
    Well in any case the Luna+ ripoff Explosion got nerfed, so neither of us wins!

    *Resists by putting on headphones and joining a conga line of dancing spiders*
    Wait, this is hardly any better...

    But Captain Obvious is a hero, kinda.

    Sing is far too useful on a normal run of any difficulty.

    Chapter 20 on Lunatic is getting on my nerves. I even looked up the reinforcement triggers on the wiki.
    Apparently Hayato gets a Hexing Rod on Lunatic, you better go thank whoever spared you of that particullar nuisance.
    And yay, RNG was on my side for a change and I got saved by a crit.
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