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  • So basically 500 BP...

    *Tries to resist singing along*

    Now go, there's some civilian in a lot of trouble and you have to go and point it out!

    Didn't try reclassing Azura, because she'd lose the ability to sing?
    Yup! They sure are! And RPs are even better! Really gives me something to look forward to!

    Oh. I've seen that a bit I think. What exactly is it though?
    Well that's understandable, and I can usually tell when that's the cause, but if someone just has a bad attitude...
    500 BP though!

    *Gives you a photo of some spooky skeletons*

    Thank you captain obvious.

    Strategist Elise has pretty good magic though, granted kitsune have absurd resistance.
    Oh, and Life and Death to make you extra dead.
    Maid Elise would be doable with a Hunter's Knife, for that chapter at least.
    But if you wanna break the game, Witch Elise will do just that, until Silence becomes an issue.
    Still something...
    ...in gen 4

    Wanna get a postcard?!

    Basically it acts like Miracle if Kaze is supporting another unit in guard stance, he has to be in the back for it to work. And who's bright idea was to use the other target's luck stat and not his?

    Also I saw some thread online saying Xander can solo Lunatic, then people protesting that he doesn't stand a chance against Kotaro, but now that I just cleared the Kitsune Hamlet I can see solo Xander being a bad idea even though he can wield the Beast Killer, but 90% of them have Beastbane anyway, so screw that guy trying to do solo Xander Lunatic...
    Well I haven't had to deal with any downright mean customers yet, and hopefully I won't have to. Though it's hard to have a smile on your face when the customer seems to be in a poor mood and won't even look at you. Nice customers make for happy cashiers.
    Just a cashier at my local grocery store. Nothing special, but it's the same place I worked at last year, though I worked in the produce department then. The perk of going back allowed me to keep my original pay, so I have no complaints.
    Ahh, I see. Speaking of jobs, I had a shift today and I will have another one tomorrow. I got a new job last week so I've been adjusting to the new tasks and such.
    I see. Heh

    Same. Been bored and stuff. Been feeling nostalgia for Serebii. I think its time to truly revive myself on here. And to the point where I can have some conversations and RPs going.
    But why not?
    You'd be a Castform with Explosion...

    *Puts you into a potato sack at night and drags you there*
    In give you the grand tour of the catacombs, where I keep all of the building materials...

    Yay, I beat that darn ninja cave!
    And the chapter after that, in which something weird happened, Miraculous Save actually came into play at one point...
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