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  • Hello???? Can you respond ASAP I would like to know your response. Dont want to sound rude or anything but I would like a response ASAP you have been online and should have been able to see it. Sorry for being such an impatient brat but you have the last two pokes I need and a confirmation of a yes or no would make my search easier.
    Hello I do not know if you got my pm but I desperately need your safari. My FC is in my sig and I have Lilipup, ditto, and Loudred. Please notify me if you add me or not. Thanks!
    Your pm box is full. My ign is Samuel and my FC is in my sig. I'll get online in a minute :).
    Use the correct form but yea I could do it just fill out what you want on the form and post it on the thread please
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