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  • Hey there! I have a feeling you missed out my claim change in the Claim Your Favourite Video Game Character thread, so I was mentioning it just in case you did.
    Sorry for not replying earlier, dunno if we can still do the battle or not
    I don't think discord is going to work out that well, either party is likely to be afk when the other is on
    How about a set time, is anytime this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday okay for you?
    hey there just letting you know the that the weather tournament has started good luck and have fun ^_^
    Yeah no problem! Glad I could get them back to you in time. @w@
    I'm really trying to get the last of my Shiny LivingDex finished (I'M SO CLOSE) so I can take a break for awhile, but it seems the last bit of stuff is hard to find. If you do come across something, certainly come back! c:
    Haha no problem! I do that all the time. Good news is I am still around!
    Oh wow, someone actually caught me in-game. I happened to be WTing some breedjects away so you got lucky. @w@
    Indeed! It is half an hour to 10 AM or so for me. I'm preparing for trades now but will be able to do them after that time as usual!
    So far my Sat's looking clear (every Sun I have a meet-up, I'm home but I'm not usually available as displayed yesterday haha). As long as nothing changes it should be good!
    Alright, I'm not able to get out of my commitment long enough to pay attention apparently, so I guess I'll try to catch you next week.
    I am sorta still around. @w@ I'll actually have my DS next to me and try to refresh constantly.
    Sure! I'll check back sorta periodically, let me know if you're successful!
    Sorry, I'm sorta in and out because of an event. Are you still around? I can boot up my game and send them back.
    Cool! I did manage to beat it and your Pokemon are now HTed, so let me know when you'd like them back!

    Ahh yes, the good ol' days. Good luck on the tests for sure! @w@
    Tea is a magical thing~ I might also be getting a cold, but more likely it's allergies. The pollen is flying finally and boy am I allergic to that. >>
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