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  • Hiya! So I made a bit of a mess-up and realized that you can't actually HT until you beat the E4, so I've been racing to beat my Moon game to do so. (Finally I'm at the E4 so I should be able to beat it today.) Of course I already beat my Sun game, so if you need them like NOW I can do it over on that game.

    I feel you on that. I'm a teacher and even though I only teach like 4 classes a day, all my free periods were spent doing something, and yesterday (Friday) was literally working all day and just UGH. So glad it's the weekend finally. @w@ Yeesh, colds are the worst! Get better soon!
    Haha sorry for no messages! I've had to do some other stuff and have yet to do it, so I'll get to it within the week and send them back over probably next weekend. Sleep well!
    Yeah no problem! I'm gonna try and see if I can just do it right now; I think I have my Gold Bottle Cap somewhere...
    Yup! When I said I had trades to do all day, I wasn't kidding. I've been here aaaaaaaall morning. @w@
    Cool! See you soon!
    I'm here and also have plenty of time, so it's up to you what you wanna do!
    My FC is in my profile, and I am also Road in-game~
    friendly reminder battle of the tapus tournament starts tomorrow try to make sure to contact a opponent team member for round one which i will list tommorow the day of who to battle at midnight tonight :) have fun :D
    Gotcha! Again I have trades to do all day so I'll be around, and if I finish I'll just make sure to check back periodically. Thank ye!
    Oh cool! 5IV is all good. In the egg is preferred so that works.
    That could work maybe! I mean, at the very least, no one would expect a physical Cress...At the very least she's a nice trophy.
    Cool! I mean I can do later than that (we said 6 PM for you / 10 AM for me) as I have nothing to do Monday so I'd be around from then on.
    Oh darn, what a pain! I don't have any indigo Minior otherwise I woulda helped out. @@ No rush tho, if it's not ready I'll just take your Pokemon for HTing and trade them back when it is~
    Oh congrats!! Sounds like the nature didn't work out too well but oh well, Shiny Cress is still a gorgeous Shiny. @w@
    Hello! I realized I set up our trade time as Sun morning, and unfortunately I have to work that day so I would not be able to come on. Could we possibly move it a day later (same time just the next day)? I will have Mon off so I'd be able to do it then. Sorry for the inconvenience! @@
    Oh my goodness I missed this VM ;-;

    Yeah if you still have any I would love one please!

    I'm in the UK so GMT :)
    Dear Silver:


    I just realised this Carbink is essentially a TR setter in the making, and I love TR.


    When are you good to trade? :O I've got so many 4 IV Trace Timid Porygon that it'll be great to get one off of my hands lol.

    My 3ds FC is 2122 5686 8953
    Sure. But I'll be eating dinner now, and I'll be back in about an hour. Will you be online then?
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