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  • you know what I don't know how I even missed that extra specifics >.< I see it now sorry silver, I will be more careful next time when you do order again and very strange I made sure it was under 500 kb but seems the border around it made it go over 500 kb >.> da heck but it should be under 500 kb now because image editor says 491 kb

    no I can resize it but wth I made it under 500 >.> let me go check the sig check thread unless it is combined with your images.
    well that be a bit of a trouble since each layer is layered by the banner being saved by frames...so what I would have to do edit the banner and then do each frame all over again then save the frames as a animation again. is the italic that important? if it is I can do it for you but it will be a small pain to fix it.
    your request has been made at lunar subterrane graphics :3 hope you enjoy your animated banner and hope to see you again ^_^
    actually no I am super behind on crystal do to problems and busy but I need to catch up which will not be going to expo because of money problems so hoping next year maybe. I went to acen instead for now but I still want to set my heart on expo next year cross fingers >.< yay! I do love mercury your right my fav ^_^
    didn't even know you had splatoon xD
    how do you like it? :3
    also sorry for not playing with you long, I only got on long enough to test out the new slosher. Which I love the sub and special, but the weapon itself I don't like. The regular slosher was fine to me, but the tri sloshers little range bugs me.
    Thanks Silver! :3 We Ike users have to stick together. And he got tons of buffs this patch! His dash attack is amazing now! I'll definitely be in touch with your bf! >:V I shall proclaim him a rival! Thanks for the contact Silver! Let us do the arte of battle again soon!
    no one plays mons anymore. fk oras, dumb game ruined mons

    gonna play league or something. meh
    its cool silver I understand I hope everything gets better for you as well as I saw your resigned as leader too for trinity I wish you the best luck sweetie as well as everything gets back on track for you ;)
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