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  • well i'm available pretty much anytime apart from this coming wednesday so maybe thursday i'm on gmt time so you can sort a time that best suits you
    Hey! Yo! I've been just peachy, as per usual. Not much changes on my front all that often, really, so I guess you could say that from me you've missed nothing important. Since last we've been in serious conversation (When was that, anyways...?) I think I've gotten at least a few new games, and gotten into those, really. In non-gaming news though this year marked the first where I really got into basketball aside from the playoffs and finals, so I guess that's something I'll be getting more into. Lastly all I can really say is that as school drags on all I get from friends is the joking "Hahah, enjoy your extra days of school" while in reality, if they find 5 days to be all that significant then I'm glad they're not complaining to me about how long their school year is, since I'm certainly not.

    So here's hoping to see you on more, since the summer arrives very soon. Until then I'll just end with a signature ciao!
    FINALLY. Your online! ^.^
    I may be offline for a sec.
    Gimme a minute to edit the stages/items/etc...
    I'll be online for the next while.

    VM me when your ready, or something.

    Where el fudge are you all day long!?!? >__>
    Only 1 day left. You responded Wednesday, and m190049 responded yesterday.

    I honestly don't know what to make of this outcome, if your match isn't done today.

    All I can say is that it won't be good for either of you.
    ...I've been on for about a half hour now... But your not on. =/
    Ugh, scheduling. The irk of us all.

    Edit: I'll be battling with Lunar, in case you appear...
    VM me here, or try to join of there's space or something.
    When I see you, I'll/We'll quit and we can do out Tourney Brawls...

    Edt2: Now that I think of It I probably should have put this entire post in general in the one from before. =3
    Oh well. Too late now.

    Aaand... You didn't show.
    Ugh. X_X
    Your 3 hours behind me... Which means...
    Your leaving in about 2 and a half hours from this post...
    Sweet- I'll get on...
    Well, good luck.

    I hope that reminders don't annoy you. I only do it three times and only to the people with a match that hasn't been played yet, 5-day warning, 2-day warning, and 1-day warning.
    lol hehe :]
    i am fine...i am on pokecommunity these days
    actually i am making a pokemon game (hack game)
    Ahh *runs off* I don't want to be banned again :p
    5 days left. Your match with m190049 is the last one to go for Round 2.

    Just letting you know. He's told me that he's sent you a bunch of messages.

    I hope life's not becoming too hectic again. I would hate to see you throw another match.
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