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  • Zorua: *whispers to Zoey* Yeah,I wish I get her as girlfriend. :3 *talk again* Okay! I do! Sis! Wanna go with me too? :D *whisper to her again* Can you give me advice then? *talk again* Then I can sit in her hair, while I sit in her hair, while she's transformed into a fast pokemon, with Riolu by heramulet, she got from me! :)
    (I love Soccer/Football! :3)
    Zorua: I got lost while finding much berries for dinner, but those people helped me! And I think...*whispers to Zoey* I love that Riolu, she's so cute. :3 *talks again* But do they watch soccer!? Oh man! D: You all know I love that sport. ;~; *tears in eyes* Do you think it's already started? D:

    Zorua: I ask it later Riolu. BUt there's my house! *point to the house, me, mom, dad and Zoey (and Spencer and Rita) lives* Come on! *knock on door* Rita! Spencer! Sis! Mom! Dad! I'm home!
    Zorua: *blushing* C-Cool! ^^; Ehm...there's it! :D The forest next to it is Lostlorn Forest! So ehm Riolu...I wanna ask you something....

    (Shall we do the idea? :3)
    Zorua: Okay! And here! :) *give Riolu one amulet* Try it! ^^ Tap the button on the amulet and think of something, like a human with RIolu like clothes! Or a Pidove! or a Zorua! :3
    Zorua: Really?! Oh maaaaaan! *crying* We never can go back to Lostlorn Forest! ;~: Wait mister Trainer, do you have a pokemon with th move Fly? Or I can change Riolu or you to a flying pokemon! *shows amulet* this Amulet can change everyone to everything the holder wants! Like a Mienfoo to a human or rock etc!
    Zorua: Yep! I can telepathy! ^^ *hug Riolu and Alfred* Thanks guys for helping. THey aare surely at my house, at Lostorn Forest...where are we now? :)
    (please let them return! ;~: Like Ashes and all! D: WITH the amulet please. ;~:)

    Zorua: My trainer called Rita said I must search for berries, but now I'm lost! ;~:
    Okay, but remember, I really miss our old RP. ;~:

    Me/Zorua: *crying, walking in the park* Waaaaah! I hate my old trrainer! *bumps at Riolu* Ouch! Eep! Human! *close eyes, cover them with my paws, lying on the ground* Eep...*shivering*
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