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  • about core mathematics on Game designing and development, how high is its value rate?

    You see, I'd like doing storywriting, world and plot, and gameplay on my gaming industry
    It is about the society of my country. They may love playing video games but they cast out the passionate gamers no matter what side of gaming are you minus own country made games. Seriously, only 0.1% out of 100% of our games are renowned worldwide.

    Only right now that our Govt. of Education began opening the world of video gaming design
    Rock stoar north started in your country?! Briyain?!

    COOL MAN! I actually played their san andreas version. For me, it is something that my country may never see as of today. You are lucky
    yeah, thanks... hoping to keep A's for later on :)

    yeah, I don't actually do much there... I'll have to walk around with a beverage cart asking people what they want as well as taking dirty supplies to where they get cleaned... and that's about it.

    my hospital has a snack bar, and to tell the truth, when I started volunteering I was put in the snack bar and it was a lot harder doing stuff there than it was on the patient floors.
    Oh yeah, well me...

    school's going nicely, A's in everything... managed to squeak in an A at math (93%) and have comfortable A's or A+'s in everything else.

    Things outside of school are winding down, Boy scouts, Orchestra, and all the other stuff king of slow down during the winter, but I am usually pretty busy because I'm getting more and more homework.

    I volunteer at the hospital nearby, and have fun there (a mean for every shift you take)... I being trained for a certain job by someone special ^.^ in a little while...
    Well then, sorry about overreacting a little (a lot) about that...

    so how are your courses going?(this post is in sharp contrast to the previous ones, which wake up a half-a-page each)
    Wow, I didn't think it would be getting to that. sorry to hear it. Odd bit of advice, don't take a loan unless you have to. A lot of times people take a loan to get themselves out of a hole, or to make their lives easier (i.e. get a bus ride) but- the interest will kill you...

    I see. it looks like you are not motivated- sorry to put it that way, but you have gotten yourself in to a place where you need to do a lot, but you are willing to do so little. I could kind of feel that you needed a break when you said that you were feeling stressed, but with this level of need, boring yourself to death is the last thing you want to do. Find something small that you can do for cash- if you have time. Cut amenities- where are you getting internet? how much are you spending on heating/cooking? if you are renting a place to stay, could you share it to have someone else help with rent/food? I know I'm sounding like a domineering parent, but I'm not sure how else to put this...

    what I'm trying to say it that the way to deal with what you feel is stress right now is not the normal way. usually, people would take the time to slow down their life until the got over it-- you, are at the most important part of your life. you are 18 and making your way forward in your life. especially with the way money is flowing now, you need either an education that is paid or a job to work towards an education. My dad has a student who is very good, but he works a night shift at a local grocery store for money and can't stay awake in class sometimes. It's a choice you have to make. Snapping yourself out of this slow period will be ridiculously stressful and hard, but you have to make the choice... It's all I can say

    Yeah, you do sound like a sales person. is there a buy on get one deal?

    anyway, aside from jokes (below par, I might add), how is it going for you in general?

    got some school stuff due on monday, (math- I'm doing geometry now) and, yeah, that's pretty much it...

    you may want to open the shop again, but only take a request or two at a time... give you something to do, and it'll keep you in practice.

    until next time,
    Sorry to hear that- sometimes what you wanted to do isn't well suited to your abilities. From what I've seen from your artwork (and my awesome sig) you will do well in animation and other computer-related design fields.

    Yeah, sometimes you do need those kind of activities that you can do when you're not feeling to well or otherwise brain-dead. Unfortunately, I just barely have enough time to play pokemon, so I may not be able to play those... Also, about stress relief, that's why I'm so in to breeding pokes... just going back and forth, waiting for something to happen- it's kind of soothing... just see what works for you.

    And also, will you still be checking back often? I know you're busy, but another one of my little habits is to check my messages too much, and its a nice surprise seeing that I got one...

    Bye for now!
    NOTE (Please read!):
    I'm currently taking a sort of 'hiatus' right now - I'm not accepting any requests and I'm never on Serebii anymore. I might be back on whenever the 3rd game for B&W is released, but that's a big maybe.
    This is all because I'm going through a rather stressful time in my life right now - college issues, money issues, self-esteem issues, the lot. I just need time to chill and take a step back from everything.
    I'm really sorry for the inactivity on the Art Shop, but college really did take over my life. Was stuck in a course I REALLY wasn't suited for, but hopefully that's going to change soon. I might get back into spriting once the course switch has happened - who knows.

    To my friends: thank you for understanding. :) I'll try to check my PMs and VMs whenever I get a chance, but I can't guarantee when that'll be.

    TL:DR version: SSL's currently under a lot of stress for various reasons. She needs time to calm down before she can get back into creating arts - many apologies to those who are still waiting on requests. Please be understanding. :)
    Haha I know it confusing xD Scottish people are few and far between on Pokemon sites it seems xD
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