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  • Oh yeah, college is a good place to look. You'll instantly recognize a nerd or an anime fan, and chances are they'll have Asperger's or autism of some sorts. Especially those playing Pokémon out in the open. (Just don't go up to them and directly ask them, of course xD.)
    XD I don't know your age, but I'm pretty sure you would find someone from school with Asperger's or autism really easily. You just have to know where to look, of course, but I swear my generation is filled with Aspies/autistic people.
    Oh, lol xD. I see. If you were to look around here, there are a lot of Aspy's here. I could give names, but I'm really tired at the moment, so I can't exactly think straight. But they're out there.
    Oh yeah, if you want to be friends, we need to talk a bit more first. Just letting you know.

    (And I remembered where I saw you, you're currently the last post on the thread.)
    Well hello there, don't think I've seen you around ^^.

    Lol, it's not awkward at all. But yes, I'm still working on Forsaken. I'm just having inspiration issues, next to the fact college has taken a lot out of me, so the work has been very slow at best. (Also doesn't help I tend to go toward other chapters instead of working on chapter twenty like I should be.)

    So yes, I'll put you on the PM list. Just don't expect an update any time soon, I don't know when it'll be updated.
    Cheers Fir clearing that up Jerda.....knew bout the bible reference, actually one of my favourites 'stories' from the good book, just thought Leigon was a bit too common for that to be the only reason
    Um, yeah, just saw your post on Forsaken by Kutie Pie, and I think I'll answer your question. The reason demons get the name Legion comes from the Holy Bible. In the New Testament, Paul the Apostle was visiting a town and there was a girl there possessed by multiple devils. Before Paul kicked their butts in the name of Christ, they referred to themselves as the collective, Legion. Ever since, media has used the name for devils in control of a single body (or even one devil in one body). Hope that answered you question.
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