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  • You made my sister leave. She couldn't take it. Why!? Don't ever do that! She isn't good at making gigantic sign ups! And she was banned from her favorite site. If I were you i would feel sorry for her.
    Hmm... That RPG you posted, it seems interesting but it explains too little. Humans have always been human so why would they suddenly become pokemon. Being closer to something doesn't mean you'll be come them. You need to explain the how, why and when; then you need to put it in a story form. Plots here has to be at least 400 words.

    Also you sign-up it a bit... blah; your character is too vague and not well describe (no offense). You can't list it; you have to write it out in a sentence. Like, "Lyra has short black hair that stays above her neck." It also good to put in skin tone, built, height and how clothes fit (is it skin tight or loose and saggy)

    I know Serebii RPG section has high standards but if you work at it, I'm sure you'll get better at it. Being here really helped my writing skills. Although my grammar is pretty bad, so I'm using spell checks all the time.
    so what? You're making it like this. I wouldn't care less. Don't act like you're the whole world, since you aren't.
    ummmm no. I won't sign up, no offence. It's true that your grammar sucks, and your rpg is far to short in both plot and SU.
    Hey Silver, if you need help with your sign-up I'll give you a hand. Even though I've never had much problem with writing long sign-up, I've been doing this for quite awhile. So feel free to ask and I'll help you the best I can.
    Look, everyone gets rejected now and then. But don't let it get you down. Read other peoples posts, compare your SU to more experienced RPGers, ask for advice from people. But don't go on a rampage and moan. It will give you a bad reputation, which no-one likes. Read the rules, and have fun! That''s what RPGing is about!

    ok, seriously. I don't mean to sound mean or cruel but you interrupted our game with spam. The SU thread is in the SU section. Just look for it! And I'm afraid that all spots are taken anyway!
    You can make a new one yes, but if it's breaking the rules again then you're going to get a warning. Your RPG had NO plot. Your Character had NO Personality, NO description, NO history, there was NO detail or explanation as to what your RPG was, or what people were meant to sign up as. You had no sign ups so why did you have an RPG Thread? In said thread I couldn't make head nor tail of what was happening, you jumped through massive events with a few words, your speech was all over the place and it wasn't just difficult to read it put me off wanting to read it. I had to force myself to finish it, and it still made no sense and had NOTHING to do with your tiny plot.

    If you're making a new, Rule following RPG, then you'd best be putting a MASSIVE amount of effort into it. I mean DAYS of effort, not sitting down for an hour to type out something quickly.
    <_< *sigh*

    You need to sign up before entering a roleplay, to do that you must fill out the sign up form given by the host/maker, which isn't the easiest thing........ Note: The sign up threads can be found under the sign up tag.
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