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  • Me and the other person I'm making it with haven't thought of the name yet.
    We've been waiting to get all the leaders.
    With you we have 3/4, and I'm hoping Bliz will do it with us.
    I'll PM you everything so far and tell Meta(monKerudio).
    Thanks :3
    ohai dere silver :3

    I was planning on starting a clan, and was wondering if you would be interested.

    If you aren't, that's fine ^^
    Loggin' on to say I'm pretty much gonna be totally inactive for the summer...I think. :/

    Totally crossing this out- I'm gonna be WAY more active this summer!~ *dances*
    oops sorry.... idk u liked it i like.... hmmm i cant choose...
    my ds, phone, B version, and e version fell in a river yesterday
    hiya once more... I saw thw art thread u done and saw that u maid a Yellow Animated Zoroark!! I loooovveee the way u did Zoroarks recolor! U should actually do the shiny pokes...
    And u think Garchomp should have a better shiny sprite... Dont u...?
    Hey Silver, I was wondering, do you know how to make Sprites from scratch? like not mix or morphs but you own fan made mons like this fro example:
    Hey, hey, it's fine. A total misunderstanding, so don't sweat it. Wadder, I guess, forgot he asked me to make the sprite for him. But, as I've stated, it's all okay.
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