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  • Mainly because people also ignore the fact that there are certain backstories to different pokémon as well. Honedge for example, is a possessed sword that steals one's soul whenever somebody grabs it. That is no different from Dusknoir, a pokémon that sends your soul to hell. Or Spiritomb, a pokémon that is created when 108 spirits were sealed into an obelisk. And of course there will be fanmade pokémon (I have a friend who does his own, but he would say the same thing), a majority of them are evolutions, and some in my opinion are not that great compared to the ones that gamefreak designed themselves. The cycle will continue every gen when someone hates on an entire gen all because they don't like 1 or 2 pokémon with an....unusual design. Especially since the games weren't even released yet. Now going back to gen 5, most the people who bash on them tend to be gen1 or nostalgia fanboys. Don't get my wrong, I grew up with gen1 and it is my favorite gen when it comes to ice types, but Gen 5 is intended to be a reboot of the series. Like an updated version of gen 1, yet it seems to get so much hate. If those two gens switched places, they would be doing the same thing.
    Fully agree. We have a rock with arms, a suicidal pokéball, purple sludge, a seal with 2 E's, Diglett, a mime, Jynx, the alphabet, a wind chime. a bell, a mirror, a vine covered midget, a stomach, a cactus, a slug, and a scarecrow, and people are complaining about the sword. Its not like most of them can do a better job, and besides. I'm not adding trubbish and vanillite because they get enough hate already. Especially since he's NOT ice cream and is NOT made by an AMERICAN
    I didn't say that they were a genwunner. I called them a genwhiner. That approves to people who like any gen and bash on the newest or latest gen that has yet to be released
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