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    hi, I'm ConfusedEevee. I wanted to ask if it was okay with you if I quoted you in my sig. I already did, but I thought I should tell you anyways. If you want me to get rid of it, I will.
    I hope so too. He's getting very stale. I find it surprising that Undertaker has been a face for longer than cena without getting stale. It shows what creative can do when they put their mind to it.
    When they took Kane's mask off he kind of lost his magic. He was far more imposing with te mask (except when he had that see through vest)
    I stopped watching a few years ago. I think it was before Kane took his mask off so it was a while ago. The first raw I watched in ages was the night after summer slam.
    They've been going down a less PG route lately. More hardcore stuff has been happening. I wish Linda McMahon would stop with the politics already. It's bloody annoying
    Exactly. I hope he brings back the whole chain gang gimmick. I suppose anything would be better than his current one though
    I wasn't expecting it but it's not a bad idea. At least it'll help Cens turn heel before wrestlemania.
    I liked edge too. The wwe needs another man like him. The spots he was willing to do were amazing
    Definitely. Christian should be due back soon too. I wonder who he'll feud with.
    Also, what do you think about the whole Hunico Primo Epico stable. I think it could be a decent idea if it's executed properly.
    My money's on Sheamus. He just needs a decent feud with someone. Since Drew McIntyre is returning I think they could have a great feud. What about you?
    I wouldn't mind as much if it was someone like Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler. Cody Rhodes is gaining quite a reputation as a legend killer by taking on Booker T and Goldust so I doubt he'll beat undertaker. Even orton didn't beat undertaker at wrestlemania when he was the supposed legend killer
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