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  • Whoops, forgot about the conversation. Umm, just what point are you making with your second statement? Thought we were talking about imtimidation.
    Comparing Shadow heartless to Flood? Yeah. What you're comparing are not even on the same level.

    Then again, I'm going from expernice, and I've played BBS religiously, unfortunately not owning a PS2. But from what I've seen, Heartless are either at really cute or really creepy, while the Unversed in general are more on the creepy scale. Those eyes... *shudder*
    But if you hide away the source so few may find it...

    Or have an army of Vanitas' who armies themselves...

    And while the heartless are more varied, I believe the unversed are stronger, or at least more intimidating.
    Well I don't look like Sora, for one thing. But I do think the unversed are more threatening then heartless. Think about it: if all the unversed in BBS came from Vanitas, what I we had a whole army of Vanitas clones? And in order to get one, just need to remove the darkness of one's heart and give it a physical form...
    No problem the only reason I slightly dislike OU is that it rules out most pokemon who are classics like Pikachu(with light ball), Registeel and Typholosion and Blaziken(blaze vareint). All of those dropped in useage during fourth gen(pikachu being the exception due to light ball's upgrade.) Rayquaza, Groundon and Kyogre were intimidating since my team consisted of Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Espeon, Umbreon and Altaria or Tyranitar I forgot which one.
    I took on Pokemon Colosseum's Mount battle(in the battle menu(beating the in game one was too easy)) with a team of none EV trained pokemon with only pokemon caught on that save file(In other words no traded pokemon(noteven duking's plusle)) and won with only 15 rematches(due to my attacks missing or the enemy getting consectutive critical hits or freezes.) I am not afraid of strong pokemon I just want to play in a tier where people don't spam Garchomp, Salamance, Hydreigon and other overpowered pokemon(I have all three, 2 with max speed and their respective attack stats and the third ev trained with Hydro pump.)
    If my signature confused or bothered you I apologize. Im looking for uu matches although I now have a decent group of OU and Uber pokemon. Garchomp is Uber, Salamance was Uber(currently OU in smogon(I seriously think it well go uber sooner or later)) Hydreigon is in OU and farely destructive but the uber tier is unfreindley to it(Aura sphere, any strong Dragon, bug, or fighting move and ice beam from Mewtwo, Kyogre, and Palkia cause it trouble)
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