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Sinnoh Ash
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  • Haha, yeah. Thankfully i don't think i started my worst crush ever yet (really, i had too much sadness when i was into riku.....korrina makes me happier :3).

    I'm glad people treat me nicely here. Sadly, i duno about pokemon showdown. Maybe i'm being too daredevil being named 'korrinasprincess' on there, and i should just use a name that doesn't hint i'm a female with a thing for a female character.....i don't want her to end up like another riku i gues </3
    Exactly! :D

    Oh I see.

    Btw one of my friends will be moving to LA during the month of September.She's so lucky!
    i'm really sorry! :(
    that's kind of the same with me. pretty much everyone i used to talk to moved somewhere else or died.
    I love maths when I'm able to solve the questions but hate it when I'm not. :D

    Yup! He's awesome!
    I hate Misty. Any character you hate? :)
    Wow.Interesting.It's the other way round for me as Maths is my least favorite subject.Hehe. ;)
    Haha.Yes.It's Jessie. :)
    Wow,really?What do you study? :)
    Ah,DP hasn't aired here yet but I have heard he is awesome!You can very easily guess my favorite character. ;)
    sometimes school shows us those kinds of videos, and personally, i hate them. they dont work for me.

    just do it changed my life forever, so perhaps i will.
    it really was. he made him crawl and walk the course but not how to actually drive, wtf. no wonder he got fired.
    but how do i?
    twitter is pretty eeh. serebii has stayed exactly the same, which is either good or bad.
    make sure it's really loud so you actually want to get up.

    what did he say!!
    they only have luck because they eat genetically enhanced marshmallows, anyway
    i'm sorry that's happened to you. the fire/fighting types are pretty cool imo, and i don't see why everyone hates them so much.
    it's all those damn baby squares, i tell you what! and in some newer versions, there's a family road, where at the end of it, you always get kids out of it. like, spinning 1-5 gets one kid, 6-7 is two, and 8-9 is three. whenever i do the route, i ALWAYS get an 8.
    sometimes you just have to motivate yourself! or, if you simply cant, watch a motivational video

    maybe i should watch a motivational video :,(
    well, he didn't get his drivers license so legally he CANT!!
    but meditite can't talk, and i dont even know how to meditate!
    well, i didn't make the decision! and yes, though with all the updates, they're practically unusable
    no, don't leave!
    sleeping until it's released may not be a good idea though. like, what if you never woke up

    you're very welcome :) glad it helped you
    luck is an illusion anyway
    that hasn't happened to me with a ralts, only with abras lol. hey, blaziken is great, and the other fire/fighting types arent that bad either.
    i try not to spend any money either lol. and the kids stuff is stupid af. like, sometimes you get so many kids that they don't fit into the car. and THEN you land on spaces that make you pay for summer camp for all the kids and it takes away some much of your money, bc you lave like 10 kids
    you should though!!!!!!!

    i totally should, but will i?
    spongebob isn't right about everything. you cant base your facts off of a sponge that can't drive
    how do you become more patient. is it even possible?
    sometimes they're our servants, sometimes we're theres. it depends on the situation.
    now listen here, you
    it does, lol. but... DO IT! and maybe something will happen!

    you're beautiful and wonderful, don't let one mistake change your opinion of yourself.
    maybe they're just really lucky?
    no, it's really kind of embarrassing, lol. i should probably make another one....
    i wish i had that kind of luck. it always takes me forever to find a ralts, lol. trecko is pretty cute, but torchic will always be my favorite.
    i actually find it much more fun to try to be a bum at Life. it makes the game both challenging and kind of funny, in a twisted way.
    Cool!Well,India is the most diverse place on planet.The diversity will surprise you! ^^
    Hehe,I guessed that Ash and Paul are your favorite...and I was right. ;)
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