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  • Well, I pretty much left our face-offs to die, as they were pretty much dead already.
    Yes, they switched to the new vbulletin. It takes some time to get used to it, yeah.
    Uni, eh, must've been a big step?
    What I meant with ignoring, though, was the fact I didn't see your reply here as I didn't expect it to be on the forums, seeing as I contacted you somewhere else.
    And, as you can see, I'm not here that much either.
    Well they're not real ponies, but My Little Pony ponies. No, seriously. This Friendship is Magic era actually has a pretty great cartoon. I've turned into a full-fledged brony by now.
    Ha, I get how that is. I really haven't been all that active here either. But it's neat to hear you might take up writing again!

    Anyway I've been lagging behind on my own writing as usual. Probably because ponies have been distracting me for the past year or so. And my laziness, of course.
    Whoa, why did you reply here XD. I thought you were ignoring me.
    I wasn't really here much until the ultimate round of Pokemon Royal Rumble started, which has been going for 6 months now XD.
    What about you?
    Only Xatu is a bit of a pain, but I kind of like training them. I really learn how to battle with them and what they can or can't do.

    And, UBER n00b!(just to be safe, [/sarcasm])

    BTW, I kind of LOLed at the Furret at the end.
    It's going pretty well, and I even expanded it!!! Seriously!

    The plan~
    Gengar or Muk
    Xatu or Alakazam
    Hitmonlee or Primeape
    Kanghaskan or Tauros
    Donphan or Piloswine
    Dragonite or Tyranitar

    Eventually, if I wouldn't have stopped using a few the team would've looked like this right now.
    Grimer/Muk(training him at the moment)
    Fearow(not used anymore)
    Slowbro/king(not used anymore)
    Ampharos(not used anymore, changed to Lanturn together with Slowpoke)
    Machoke(Muscle, not used anymore)
    Togetic(not used anymore because he has a sassy nature)
    Onix(Rocky, not used anymore)

    And it’s not really that hard to train them. The physical attacking ones I train on the route under the Safari Zone and I train the special attacking ones in the bell tower/somewhere else where the pokemon give off sp. Att EVs.(Only Xatu is being a pain)

    It is very time-consuming, though. I’m at the same time as in my platinum after doing the after E4 stuff and I just started the E4 in HG.(I'm training for Lt. Surge)

    Edit: That's a very long post, sorry.
    XD Don't worry about it, I've been busy too. *gives cake* Anyway, thanks. Legal adult ftw! =D

    (Back atcha for the latest CT chapter, btw. I've been meaning to get to reviewing it, but I've been too lazy. :p)
    I'm actually on Summer Break. It's the prepping I'm doing for College that's taking my time, plus a lot more RL stuff.

    Plus the fact that the time I get to go here is now spent modding. Haha.
    They did!? What the... Why? How do you re-battle trainers then? Can you only re-battle the ones that call you?

    It's not such a big problem in colo/XD. You've got Mt. Battle.
    I'm going to get a team of more than six.(I decided to do so on my second play through of colo and it's actually pretty handy)

    Fearow(I've used Pidgeot already and I don't like Noctowl that much)
    Gengar or Muk
    Xatu or Alakazam(I already used Alakazam IIRC, but he's way better)
    Hitmonlee or Primeape
    Kanghaskhan or Tauros
    Donphan or Piloswine(Donphan is one of my favourite pokémon, but I think Piloswine is better)

    Quite balanced, right?

    Furret is quite good, actually.(I'm using it in my second play through of colo)
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