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  • Dawn is the best-written character, and I don't think they could top her, as this show thrives on bad writing.
    I like DP because of Dawn, Paul, and the villains not named Team Rocket. Dawn also had the co-star status. XY lacked interesting rivals, had way too much Ash considering how pointless of a character he's become since the end of DP, Serena has awful screen time and was always saved or upstaged by Ash or someone else in her own episodes and her goal sucked. The only decent thing XY had going was the Team Flare arc.
    I thought Iris episodes were pretty good actually.
    XY was trash from beginning to end imo.
    Her temper was the best part of her; it's when she lost that in johto when she started getting boring. Yeah both are overrated.
    Giselle, because she's the only girl that he had a crush on.
    I know. I used to like her alot until it became very difficult to even like her at all because of that.
    Iris in the English dub was annoying, but I grew to like her voice. Her Japanese voice is adorable though. Iris in the Japanese dub>>>Iris English dub xD
    I want to read the official BW chapters, but I'm hoping Hilda isn't a Serena clone.
    It is true apparently. Yeah because they actually lived up to the hype, at least for me they did.
    It seems like most of the people here like it to me xD
    Battle Frontier was so good lol.
    I wish those two unaired episodes aired. Oh well at least now I know what happens in them xD
    It needs more Lillie and less of Ash.
    My favorite is Lillie.
    Yeah, you?
    Yeah, i got really into her from the anime. Then read she was like a female ash. Total crush came over me after....and still going strong after a whole month (i saw her through disney XD x and y re runs this year, lol)

    And, yes, i had a real thing for ash when i was younger hahaha i feel i was the kind of girl he'd like too xD i loved pokemon battles, and i was pretty much like korrina, in a way. cept more of a girly girl and wearing lots more pink. my signature pokemon back then was a fighting type, too :3 my blaziken. and i'd have daydreams of physically training with him a lot xD i was a badass 13 year old
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