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  • It was too easy for me too. I single trained my starter with a lucky egg and the exp share xP

    I loved the mega battle with korrina even before i started liking her haha
    this image is so cute :3

    I'm not sure who's the cutest to me. Maybe skitty or buneary? those two defenetly stand out for me, and they're really girly, like i am lol

    What was some of your favorite things about x and y? Lemme see...for me...korrina (lol), mega evolving, fashion, skating, the chatou, the music! even if i wasted away my file eving my starter, its still a stand out region for me overall. Also: KORRINA <33333 hehehe yes i have a crush on her and everyone knows it...hahahaha....
    I see you online a lot. Wanna be friends? :) also, i like eevee a lot too. its a really cute and also badass pokemon that has many different paths it can take. Its really an awesome pokemon. Also, its a fox, and i love foxes xD i may even look at some fox images right now...awww
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