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  • You acted too extreme, damn, you need to promote your own beliefs. You are from a line of dirtbags. At least try to be knowledgeable on the subject you are imitating, even though I do not promote imitation for votes in the first place. What kinda sh!tty politician are you going to be? A mayor? HA. Hahahaha.
    You were a terrible poser. F*** you. I hate politicians, and why the hell would you go on a pokemon forum with people of little to no intellegence? (people such as yourself)
    You are promoting a flawed opinion of your own. God would look fown on you for being so condescending and unaccepting of some of his people. I mean, you're beaing very righteous and self-promoting, and if you read the bible, you know how that ends.

    Seems like it to me. Dont force your opinions on others. Trust me, Iim with you, I;ve given up debating atheists and homosexuals, but I'm not going to put that in my sig and essentially say: "You're wrong, and I'm better than you"

    Doesnt matter whether you care or not, but the worldly preception of Christianity should be taken into account.
    Alright, I'm not looking for a fight, but I wouldn't be MM if I didnt put my two cents in.

    Remember when you started your stupid signature ********? Yes, I was there, and that started the stir within the Christian Alliance which caused me to quit. So this issue is all to familiar for me.

    Personally, you need to stop being a condescending jerk. Yes, you have the right to say that stuff, but it really doesnt mean its right. In fact, you are essentially being a giant hypocrite, because you know God would frown on this discriminatory action. It is people like you that make us Christians hated, because you are CLEARLY doing this stunt to gain attention to yourself. I must say, it has worked.

    Again, I'm not lookign for a fight. In fact, I don't have the time, however, your signature standing this long is ABSOLUTELY uncalled for and just straight up offensive. I would be sinning if I did not say anything.
    Yes he has a "right" to put it in his signature, but that does not mean it is right. That is not an opinion, it is a false fact: being gay is not a choice. If it was, so many people who were gay would not be suffering under the prejudice of comments like the ones in his posts and signature. I'm not surprised it's causing so much offence to several members.

    Sir Crocodile, fair enough, you have your beliefs, but please at least have some respect. Being Christian does not make you a good person, nor does being an Atheist. It is who you are as a person, and what you do with your beliefs, that defines you.

    I respect all faiths, but if it's a personal discrimination against homosexuality, or claiming that somebody is "misguided" for being human, perhaps you should reconsider your priorities. We are all human, your faith is not your entire life. It's a guideline, something to live by. We can take whatever path we choose. But homosexuality is definitely not one such path. Neither is it a "defect". It defines who we love, and it is how we are. And that cannot be changed.
    Guys, leave him alone. He has every right to put that in his sig. He's not forcing his religion on anyone. He's not making you look at His sig. He can pray for you if he wants. Just leave him alone.

    In other news, glad to see that you're back on. :3
    I'm sorry, your views are yours, I just don't like how patronizing your signature is. It's fine to have a faith, but to force it on others is wrong. Religion should be a choice.
    Yeah, i agree with Panda here. Your signature looks like it is trying to pick a fight with people. Instead of saying that, why don't you stop dividing the forum into religions. Some people wouldn't want you to waste your breath praying for them.
    I'm affended by your signature. How dare you patronize as like that! We're not misguided, if anything you are. What proof do you have that your "God" exists? I'm fine with the concept of religion, but people who force it on others make me sick.

    no i know what to expect i'll underground or turned into ashes(like my grandmother)cause there is no hell or satan you've been told that so that they can use your fear to control you(the church,your parents)now stay off my page anbd go look through your stupid little book of lies
    Ummmm, don't Baptists literrally stand before the lectern screaming? I'm not at all trying to pick a fight with you, I'm stating something I thought was fact. I just think people use hell to scare you into believing what they believe. I find that rediculous so I choose not to believe in it. You can continue trying to convert people to Baptism, but I'm not going to be one of the ones you do convert. I truly appreciate you trying to help people with your beliefs, but I am a free-thinker, and honestly if I die and burn in eternal hell fire, fine. :) I lived my life freely, thinking freely, dreaming freely, so so be it. Hell I will face. :) I'm okay with it.
    *blinks* Um, you certainly are loud about being christian or catholic or whatever. I'm an Agnostic, though. The whole concept of God is stupid to me. And btw, Atheists ain't misguided, they're different.
    Sir Crocodile, I see you're making quite the splash with that signature. ^_^; You've some kind of determination to keep it up! That's commendable.

    Take care!
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