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Sir Crocodile
Last Activity:
Oct 7, 2008
Oct 7, 2006
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Sir Crocodile

Arcanite Reaper HO!

Sir Crocodile was last seen:
Oct 7, 2008
    1. Sir Crocodile
      Sir Crocodile
      Yeah, I'm sorry about starting all these debates, but I can't stand it when false Christians claim to follow God while disregarding the very foundation of His works, Genesis.
    2. Pikawho?
      I was friended! 8D *feels loved*

      Dude, for being a somewhat new Christian, you have alot of strong beliefs and you really stand out in the "debates" that go on. Quit making me look bad! >(

      J/K It's really great to see people stand out like that. Keep up the good work! 8D
    3. Sir Crocodile
      Sir Crocodile
      Friend requests accepted =D
    4. Wind
      I have also requested your friendship mainly because I can tell your a christain and us chrisains need to stick together plus christains can influenced nd help other christains and non-beievers and I need alot of influence and help as do we all.
    5. crobatman
      I just requested friendship with you. :)
      If Pikawho? and Shigeru-kun are going to be your friends then I would like to join the party.
    6. Sir Crocodile
      Sir Crocodile
      Yeah, I'm pretty laggy as well. It usually does this around this time of day.
    7. Moeteimasu Umi
      Moeteimasu Umi
      I sent the same PM like 3 times. o.o
    8. MidnightStorm
      Hello, I see you've just joined the Christian Alliance and we're glad to have you. Just saying hello, and hopefully I'll see you around.
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