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    Oh, glad I could help. I tortured myself for a long time with trying to come up with scientific explanations, and... well, it's not that they haven't thought of an explanation yet, it's that it cannot be possible with their version of things. That's why they won't deal with it. Anyway. If you have any questions about stuff, just ask. I'm kind of Serebii's resident expert on supernatural stuff.
    i will trade a tru regigias a shiny latias or a shiny celebi if anyone is intereted. ( none are cheat codes )
    i will trade a tru regigias a shiny latias or a shiny celebi if anyone is intereted. ( none are cheat codes )
    Sorry for such a delayed comment. I've forgotten to add you, but I shall do so tomorrow for sure (When I'll most likely go back to Brawl).

    My lone main is Sheik. And yours?
    Gon: Hello. Cheeseburgers come with cheese. *cries and dies laughing* Sorry, I just read that post and I was tempted to bring it up...
    Okay then I'll might as well add you too. I'm also in invisible status most of the time whenever I'm online :]
    Uh yeah I've tried to do that as fast as I can but it hasn't been successful...I gotta practice a lot on doing that if I want to master it :/
    Hmmmm so you know how to transform into ZSS through taunts huh...I still can't do that!!! lol XD Oh yeah I know someone in this site who's super good with ZSS :]
    Ackkk...it's not like I use Lucas all the time! I only use him when I feel like it...which most of the time I don't. Anyway I'll most likely be open to brawl tomorrow :]
    All right! I'll add you when I get the chance :] My top 5 mains are Zelda/Sheik (but I use Zelda more often), Link (and Toon Link...I'm equal with both), Ike, Pit, and Peach. I also use Wolf, Falco, Lucario, and Lucas most of the time ^^
    Yeah I've been using Wolf recently although he's not one of my top mains :] Hahaha if you want to exchange FCs, I'll be glad to do so ^^ Mine is 3566-3281-8884 and my brawl/in-game name is Trish.
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