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Last Activity:
Jan 21, 2020
Jun 6, 2007
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HGSS > BW, from Singapore

Sird was last seen:
Jan 21, 2020
    1. shiny gardevior
      shiny gardevior
      Pretty late but yea. I'm back
    2. akihito
      Yo this is Phoenix Fire, except this is some new account since I can't remember the password for the old one, you still alive?
    3. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    4. Battlestar
      I think i might know you?
    5. 1dbad
      Guess what? :D Turns out we got more in the volumes just like I predicted. :P Be sure to check Coronis' volume 37 thread. (which is still on DP) For one it added more stuff than what was in the magazines plot to make everything make more sense and to make everything a lot more exciting. Oh, and it one of the biggest things you and every Special fan in the entire world could hope for -- IT INCLUDED SIRD REAPPEARING IN A TEAM GALATIC UNIFORM IN FRONT OF JUPITER. So yeah, pretty exciting. ^^ I knew she would appear again eventually (never expected DP though xD, although it fits perfectly and makes a lot of sense) and they would explain more about her. I also knew most if not all of the plot holes would probably be filled in the volumes. That's why I say it's best to never say squat about a Special arc 'til you get the volumes. xD Do you see why now? :P At this rate we may actually get some other things in latter arcs like the Elite Four might appear near the end of DP, or at least by Platinum, and we might even get a Kanto Dexholder reappearance in HGSS, and a longer HGSS plot and one that makes more sense too. So yeah -- like I've said before just wait 'til the volumes for everything. ;P

      Oh, and I hope this doesn't sound rude or know-it-all-ish, because I swear I don't mean it like that. I don't even mean it to pick at you or anything, I just wanted to tell you the good news and not to lose all hope for Special yet. ^^
    6. 1dbad
      I'm sorry. D: I don't mean to make them so long honestly, they just come out that way sometimes. >_> And you know, you don't have to read them. xD

      Haha. :D I'll try! One thing I plan on doing is trying to stay more "up-to-date" on replying in threads, because that way I'll have shorter posts responding to one or two people instead of longer posts responding to everyone at once. XD
    7. 1dbad
      Hey, I know I already said thanks there on the thread, but I wanted to say thanks again for giving me the dialogue of the letter. :) I really appreciate that since it was kind of long and am so glad you did it for me. I also am so glad Chuang Yi's translation of it was great too, but then again this is Chuang Yi we are talking about, heheh. ;]
    8. 1dbad
      I just saw your post taking up for Chuang Yi on the Viz thread and wanted to say thank you. :) I'm glad you did, because it isn't fair all the flak they get and it was getting hard to try to do it by BoxedLunch and myself. xDDD;;;
    9. Slowking[George]
    10. Slowking[George]
      Merry Christmas Sedna :)
    11. Slowking[George]
      Your profile pic is <3
    12. Renelia
      There's a suspected impostor of you in chat, claiming to be you and from the same country as you. Is it the real you, or is it an impostor?
    13. PokemonQueen
      cute avatar <333
    14. Renelia
      Hey Sedna! How are things going?

      Let's see how you'll do in trivia. Mwahahahaha...
    15. facetious
      HELLO HELLO! How are things in Singapore?

      You can just call me Jay.
    16. Slowking[George]
      I'm doing good Sedna =)
      About to start doing my homework =)
    17. Nate Gillson
      Nate Gillson
      I'm doing great. This year has been alot better for me than last year.
    18. ellie
    19. bobandbill
      Hello there.

      Ohh, Phanpy avatar. Cute.
    20. Nate Gillson
      Nate Gillson
      Hi sird (or sedna)! I still remember you. How's it going?
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