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  • I'm not sure if you remember me, but hi anyway haha
    Haha. I still remember you, menonabhi! It has been too long since we last chatted! We are probably going through different phases in life now, huh?

    Oh well, I don't go to the forums anymore, but I am just feeling curious today. So, here I am checking the forums!

    I hope that things are going well for you!
    Wow. You are still here! How are you? I have forgotten your old username, so do you mind me addressing you as Harmonia?

    I am fine. I am still studying to get my second degree.

    I thought that I have outgrown from this forum, but I guess I might drop by for some times when Sword and Shield arrives.
    Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    Hey I'm good. My old username was deoxysxx but yes you can call me Harmonia or whatever you want. I will likely always come back to these forums. I never stay away for too long. What are you trying to get a second degree in?
    Occupational Therapy. Currently I am in 1st year. I am still have my final assignment to go before I can progress to 2nd year.

    Good that you are well, Harmonia. Usually people have outgrown from the need to go to the forum, but I guess you still have friends chat to you on the forum than other social platform.

    Oh. This new forum layout doesn't seem user friendly for me. Oh well, I can work it out in time.
    Ha ha, not at all. I just switched it over to a PM afterwards because I noticed that you requested that in your original post (I wasn't sure if you'd mind the visitor message).

    Anyway, thanks for doing the breeding! I really appreciate it. When would you like to trade? Also, what game will you be using?
    Well, blood, lemons, and stuff would be in some of mine lol
    The one I'm trying to get to work is a reboot of the anime, with Shadow Pokemon implanted as the main antagonists of the overarching series.
    I actually got several fanfic ideas, especially for 7th gen. I've just been too lazy to actually get them started, and want to look for a co-writer in case I get stuck on ideas. Whatever I write isn't being posted on here though, it's all too dark and more people read FF.net fics.
    I'm very sorry it's been so rough on you in that respect. I personally don't have as much interest in battling as most other people do, so my interest is typically maintained by different aspects of the various games- such as collecting, overall gameplay, exploration, etc.
    Ha ha, not a fan, huh? I personally can't remember the names of new Pokemon anymore; I stopped trying around Generation 5 or so. I mostly just like being exposed to the new gameplay, storyline, environments, etc.
    Hey, how is everything going? I realize you said you're not going to formally enter Generation 7, but were you going to try out the demo?
    Is it? How do you usually use the move in conjunction with Darkrai?

    Please forgive my ignorance; I haven't done any "real" battling since Generation 4. :)

    I did indeed, albeit with junk Pokemon (I just wanted to obtain the free prize Pokemon). Congratulations on your streak, though! That's great to hear. I did have one person disconnect on my a few tournaments ago, which I thought was pretty funny. A free win!
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