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  • Can you? That's very interesting, then.

    Darkrai was actually a code-based event (not a Wi-Fi one), which is why I originally asked. I did not know if it was even offered where you are.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if we received the Generation 2 Virtual Console release you wish for, and they include Wi-Fi trading, battling, etc.? That would certainly be cool.

    Yes, that is correct. And okay. I just thought what I mentioned coincided with our discussion about the general downhill nature of a lot of online play. Essentially, I am of the opinion that for every step forward the games take, something pops up that makes our lives even more difficult.

    I can actually just send you an unused serial code via private message, if that would work for you? That way, you can redeem the Darkrai to your personal specifications.
    I actually have more time to play than I thought I would at this point, but don't do nearly as much trading as I used to do. Part of the reason for that is just because of a dramatic shift in what people want to receive in trade. Back in Generation 4, it used to be that I could easily obtain self-obtained, uncloned events for something as simple as a Pokewalker Self-Destructing Munchlax or Flying/Surfing Pikachu, but now you can't get anywhere without flawless battle-ready shiny Pokemon.
    That would definitely be cool! It's been quite a while since I've played any of those games. I have to say, too, that things were much simpler back then. Pokemon was more about having fun and discovering new things than it was about showing off perfect, 6 IV legendaries.

    I can imagine! There are always ways to beat even flawless Pokemon in battle; the only trick in doing so is to surprise your opponent with them.

    At times I do, yes. It's really gotten out of hand lately. I used to have fun trading for new and interesting event Pokemon, but it's become increasingly tedious- almost like a job. There's just so much legwork involved that half the time, it doesn't seem worth it.

    "Proof" is useful in some instances, but a huge flaw in the current system is that you can't be 100% sure the proof someone offers for an event actually belongs with it. Besides the date and language on a Wonder Card, redemption proof isn't actually the end-all everyone believes it to be. For example, it can't even protect against basic cloning. The one thing it is helpful in doing is indicating your trading partner did, in fact, have the ability to redeem a certain Pokemon (as opposed to hacking it in).

    Oh, sorry! I must have missed you. I don't receive visitor messages as often as I used to--everyone sends private messages--so I usually camp out in my inbox. That's part of the reason I'm sometimes delayed in getting back to you; I simply forgot to check my notifications for it.

    I'd be happy to message you the code, then. You have the ability to redeem a North American code on your game, right?

    Please know that I was, in turn, always happy to receive them. :) They still constitute some of the more interesting events I have in my permanent Generations 4 and 5 collections.
    I certainly hope so! A lot of the stories were very well-written. But, this was back in 1999 or 2000, so they might be gone for good...

    Yes, I'm glad they severed the connection between the save file and the internal battery with the switch from Generation 2 to Generation 3. I did have some forewarning about the problem (I read about it online a long time ago), but there was nothing I could do--or knew how to do--when I thought to myself that it might be nice to save the files. I still look back in sadness on the death of all that effort. Among other things, I had 1 Living Pokedex each on Gold and Crystal. As far as the Generation 3 titles go, fortunately there's very little in those games that depends on the internal clock.

    As soon as I saw the news, I immediately thought that it was essentially a concession to hackers everywhere. At the very least, it's an in-game legalization of what is now a very common "technique" that far too many people practice. Taking the time to breed excellent Pokemon--as you and other conscientious individuals do--is one thing, but suddenly countless other players believe hacking in perfect Pokemon to be a perfectly legitimate exercise. I'm sure you remember when things like RNG abuse were completely forbidden? Now, no one has a problem with them.

    It's not just for the legendaries, though: it will maximize the IVs of any Lv. 100 Pokemon. I'm already dreading what the mere existence of the tutor will do to online trading. For example, you can bet everyone is going to demand 6 IV, Lv. 100 Pokemon in trade, while still more people will hack in as many Bottle Caps as they need to use the tutor an infinite number of times.

    Okay. I just ask because I have a few extra GF Darkrai codes right now. Would you like one? You've done enough for me over the years that you can just have it for free. :)
    yeah it's gonna take some sun and moon hype, and the competitive section to get rebuilt as it has been left to die basically. They're starting to do some work on it though
    Yeah, I'm pretty excited for it. Can't comment on the new one til I see gameplay though
    It certainly can be! This is especially true when you're working towards something.

    I really enjoyed it too, at least when it originally came out in 2000/2001. Unfortunately, like all the other copies of the pre-Generation 3 games, my cartridge eventually fell victim to the dead internal save battery problem. At this point, I can't justify fixing it when I spend so much time playing the new games.

    What I have noticed with Sun and Moon is they at least seem to have features; Generation 6 was all about scenery. Only time will tell if there is something "good" to do after the storyline!

    By the way, did you see the news about being able to maximize the IVs of any Lv. 100 Pokemon using an in-game tutor? I think this explains why all of the legendary distributions have all be given at Lv. 100. I thought this was really odd, since they all have movesets that formerly belonged to their Lv. 5- Lv. 30 equivalents.

    On the one hand, the IV tutor is probably resultant from Nintendo acting to basically legalize one common form of hacking. On the other hand, you know that its end result is going to be a sudden demand on the part of all trading partners to only receive 6 IV Pokeon if they're Lv. 100 already.

    That's really cool! I guess the game has a good storyline? Many years ago, there was a website called Pokemasters.net that was essentially the Serebii of its day. In terms of content, it was truly massive, and it had pages and sections on almost everything. One area that I spent a lot of time in was a fan fiction section. It had stories on everything you could imagine, and they were all rated according to several different factors. It made for a lot of excellent reading. Unfortunately, the Pokemasters site got too big for its own good, and it eventually collapsed under its own bandwith usage. I would imagine the stories--and everything else--went along with it.
    It sounds like you definitely need to know what you need to do to relax. :)

    I honestly have no idea. It's essentially a watered-down version of Manaphy, with stats that are definitely beaten by a slew of other Pokemon.

    I'm glad you've been able to enjoy them! For me, since I grew up with Red, Blue, and Yellow, they've helped to make me quite nostalgic for "the beginning."

    Mine has done the same in Generation 6. X, Y, OR, and AS were all hyped up like crazy, but in my mind, at least, they really failed to live up to that publicity. The games were all definitely fun to play, but they have a fraction of the replay value that previous titles did. I sincerely hope that Sun and Moon are "fixed" in that regard.

    Great! I've personally never played any of the Mystery Dungeon games, but have heard a lot of people like them.
    Ha ha, I count on being able to do Pokemon-related things in order to relax after working. :)

    That it is! I could probably get more/ better examples of events if I tried, but I usually prefer to complete various sets instead. And that's awesome!

    Oh, okay. My first was Blue (I received it for my birthday shortly after it came out), so I've been at this a while! I definitely have fond memories of Generations 1 and 2, though, especially since those games laid the foundation for my enthusiasm for future main-series titles.
    I had completely forgotten about that system! They're definitely doing a good job keeping it under wraps.

    Yes, those games are definitely rather immersive in that regard! Personally, though, I prefer things like side-quests or "adventures," since I've never been much of a battler. I loved the Delta Episode, but it ended quite quickly...

    Indeed I have, albeit sporadically! Lately I haven't had as much time to do so as I would have liked, in part because of the sudden XYZ legendaries distribution announcement. Since each giveaway only lasted a week, I decided I ought to devote all my energies towards conducting playthroughs. I'll probably go back to playing them off and on during the monthly legendary distributions, since you have a lot more time to download them.

    That would definitely be cool! Although, HeartGold and SoulSilver are still fairly recent games, so I'm not sure Nintendo would go back to their earlier versions.

    By the way, I accidentally downloaded a 5 IV Calm Manaphy last night! It was quite the surprise. I was only soft-resetting for a good nature--my plan was to keep the first Attack-lowering one I received--and it suddenly appeared on the second soft-reset. I never have that much luck, so it made me quite happy. :)
    I completely understand, life takes precedence over serebii. I know that very well.

    Oh and good news: you were right about the cables for the net connection. Mom unplugged it and reset the router and now we dont have any problems. Thank you!
    Very very impressive about the shinies. Your probably right about the router as well. I have also heard that having two routers in close range causes problems but thats just a rumor i heard back in college.

    About the dark void smeargles, that sounds really boring to face, yep. I can see how that could get annoying/repetitive. Im sure you have many friends though who all respect eachother to the point where they dont use it. I do have a fellow guild friend who i used to talk to alot and they are very active on here (more active than me). They like playing doubles wifi pu, nu and mixed. If your ever interested let me know, and ill introduce you to her.
    Hello there~
    Yea its just that for some reason my mothers router (which she lets me use) suddenly doesnt work reliably anymore. I cant battle becuase the wifi disconnects randomly and results in dc's.

    Im not sure why neither of my ds take the wifi signal anymore. Must be the router. And lastly hope all is well with you, i actually bred some cool mons on my alpha sapphire and am almost done with beating the game on Y version which i restarted months ago.
    Me neither, or at least not yet! Like you said, all we have to go on for now is a quick glimpse of 3 or 4 random sketches. We know absolutely nothing about the actual story of content of the games right now.

    We can certainly hope so! I also hope that the new games have much more replay value than the Generation 6 titles. I felt like once I finished the storyline, there was almost nothing left to do.
    Hey, how have things been? What did you think about the Sun/ Moon announcement awhile back? I really wish they packed a bit more into that Pokemon Direct; it seems like the Generation 7 stuff was almost an afterthought.
    I hope you have fun with your project. :) At one point I tried to get Friend Safaris that were representative of all the Pokemon that are available in them, but I eventually found out that your friends list changes too frequently to be able to easily do that. It would constantly mean cross-checking friend codes against their in-game Safaris in order to find out which ones you can delete.
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