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  • Wow. Thats the most hax i have ever got on another battler in all my battling career. Sorry about that.
    Yes i do and to tell the truth, it is bulky. Kinda awkward to hold at times. Luckily i wont be having "broken hinge" problems on it like i had with my nintendo ds lites in the past.
    Yea thats fine. I dont think you have my new 3ds fc its in my signature. Ill register you on this one as well
    Hey sizida, wats up. Glad to hear from you. i can battle now if you'd like. I have a vgc 16 team and the rest are singles. All are on ORAS let me know
    Fantastic! I am glad you are feeling/doing good. You are right about using chatting services or FB for help in trading. Much faster. Woo wow you must have a lot of teams. I have:
    1 Itemless Team (OU)
    and a box full of pokemon OU and under that I mix and match up when battling online.
    I have registered you as well!
    Yeah I stop on at least once a day but am not on for very long, been working hard, also playing a ton of destiny, can't get back into the pokemon games at the moment, since ORAS came out I can't play it for to long, to much of a let down to be a remake which upset me the most :(
    Hello Siz,
    Glad to know you are good! I saw you gave me a "nice" on the pss system one time but was in a battle and could not respond at the time. Yes I play frequently on my y version and have seen you a few times on there.

    I did manage to ask a guild mate to help out and she did so all is well in that area. Thank you for contacting me, Ill try and see if I can catch you on pss then maybe for a doubles battle or whatever type of battle you'd like. Take care!
    I'm not a fan, the art style doesn't interest me and the battle style is definitely not my kind of game either. But it's apparently really popular in Japan so it can't be too bad.

    Nah not at all, I just the forums set to show me threads from beyond 30 days ago, nothing to do with moderating them. I just like being able to see more since we've changed the bump rule to be 60 days for awhile.
    Congratulations! That's quite the impressive record.

    You're quite welcome! I'm happy I was able to help. And please don't worry about that. :)

    Oh, okay. I tend to concentrate on different things in my various games too.

    Wow! I would imagine you did.

    It really does. There's far, far more of it going on now too- as you said, probably because of the widespread availability of PowerSaves. Cloning, PowerSaves, RNG abuse, emulator Pokemon, shiny value hatching... the list just goes on and on. There are more ways to hack in Pokemon now than there are to "create" them legitimately (in-game or through event distributions).

    I collected them for a while, but I eventually stopped because of how iffy it was trying to figure out where a certain shiny came from, and whether or not it was legitimate. Now, I'm mostly just collecting things I can obtain on my own.
    Some people have all the luck. :) I've only ever caught 2 Friend Safari Pokemon in the entire time since X and Y were released!

    Sure, I'll jump online.
    I guess you'll have to "battle" for it later. :) Best out of 3?

    No problem! I hope the Ditto prove useful.

    Yes, sorry- that's what I meant. It's really quite a change from years past. Where there was once a lot of personal/ original trading going on for almost everything you could imagine, there is now entirely too much cloning for my tastes. Shiny Pokemon especially have lost 99.9% of their value (mostly because of shiny value hatching). Even then, you can't guarantee what you're receiving is legitimate.

    And that's probably true. With breeding rejects especially, you can get everything you'd ever want through Wonder Trade.

    It was good seeing you! If you ever need anything else, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I'll try to make more of an effort to check my account now. :)
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