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  • indeed. i have a friend whos super good with teams. hes the warhead in my clan. his name is TrainerJoe. search him up. and i see your reletivlely new here. need any help with anything?
    Did you check to see if they have any hacked moves? Because I bought a used Emerald recently and there was a shiny level 100 Rapidash with the move sacred fire. If they're hacked I would just release them.
    Did you have a similar experience like I did with spoiling part of the game? But its possible that even if I didn't spoil it I might've been underwhelmed anyway. I thought the pokemon were pretty good. Although the region itself is very linear and has very little branching off like other regions. I'm just hoping the third game will be really good because I thought the plot was lacking somewhat.
    So how did you feel about pokemon black and white? Did you feel they were as good or even better than previous generations? I feel that it wasn't as fun for me because I knew about all the pokemon beforehand, thus ruining the surprise. I thought it was still a pretty well done game though. What about you?
    Well, the only difference really between the two is which legend you want to battle first. I like HG more personally because you get to fight Ho oh earlier and Ho oh has some pretty epic battle music. Lugia's battle theme is good too. But it comes down to which legend you prefer. Ultimately it comes down to which legend you prefer.

    Also there's the usual version exclusives. If you go to the main site and go to the HGSS link, then there should be another link showing which pokemon are version exclusive.
    So you need help forming a team is that it? Are you suggesting that I recommend some pokemon to you? Because I know some good ones to recommend. And you said something about buying HGSS or Platinum. Do you mean which one do I recommend you get?
    so... I could maybe trade you a starter from a different region... After you beat the Striaton Gym :p
    If you would like that, let em know which starter you would like ;)
    I chose Oshawott, and had a decent team to set up,
    but here are the difficulties of each starter.

    Snivy: Hardest (Not very good moves)
    Tepig: Easiest
    Oshawott: Medium (Nice move sets)
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