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  • Hey Skarm. We should start a clan. And a league an stuff. I miss battling you! You're good!
    As one of ur co-lead it was my job to ensure u were able to take a break every now and again!

    wow u copied stuff? Like plagarism?? you gotta not do that. >.<
    my teacher is great! she lets us play when we want, but when the writing needs to get done we get it done
    It was your leadership, skarm! I was a mere pebble back then.

    Aw man my highschool doesn't have robotics, all we have it some journalism thing. At least I'm one of the head editors. :_;
    I can write about spoiled cafeteria milk and obscene writings in the bathroom, I guess.
    Oh well we posted that thing and that mod did his stuff and you know?? Think I remember that, they were really on a streak, huh?

    What kind of bots? Like actual limbed humanoids or autobots?
    BS? Was it that thing when we accidentally the whole clan? Oh yeah, those were some weird days! Robots sound cool to. Just don't start an uprising or else that'd be lame.
    I personally like moltres better out of the three legendary birds which I like the leaders talk more then the others ;) thats why I choose valor ^_^ awesome though welcome to the team as well XD I am almost to level 15 but seriously barely any potions/super potions to heal my pokemon to battle more -_- I been milking my stops by my house several times but barely gives me healing items XD
    Yes, its absolutely brilliant! And, yes, if you could remove the scale lines, it'd be fantastic. I'll use it with the scale lines till then, so we're in no hurry at all. Feel free to take your time. :)
    I realized, I should not have added shadow.

    Oh, alright then, you know better than I do, so make it in two lines, I understand your point. :)
    That's cool. I started a clan on the Forums here, finally. Lol. Oh, and I bought a WiiU and PS4 too! Including lots of cool games.
    So, um, sorry to VM you over and over again. I wanted your opinion on
    I tried something and I think I managed to get something out of it. Although, more images would work better?
    Yes, it looks fantastic. But, is there a way that all three words can be in a straight line? Since it's going to be the opening banner of a clan, it'll look good. Overall, it's fantastic. :)
    Alright, thank you so much. :)

    I just saw it, no way to remove that, yea? I'll have to start it from scratch? And, I feel I lucked out, the limited brushes that I have fell in places. I'm not sure if I can make one more like this. :|
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