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  • awwww that sucks XD well im not that bad i think i may be fighting the flu cuaz i keep feeling sick then im fine but thanks skam ^_^
    got to be careful what you say skam but i see for me i just feel under the weather meaning im sick but ill be fine...
    its no problem skam ;) ands its cool ^_^ also sorry but aura banners 0_0 sorry saw sworns post lol sounds cool ;) i wish him luck with the new banner...sounds intreasting...so what up with you besides ready to have your new clan open?
    its cool skam just make sure to let me know next time please ^_^ and cool good luck with your new clan ;)
    okay its fine yeah you really didn't mention tbh :/ only thing you talked about was the dot thing but that was about it...
    i don't how to put this skam but you didn't say anything with all that discription till the end sorry but yeah can you just use the banner please you need to note these things to let me know i can't read minds :/

    brush effect smudge banner form

    I would like a effect smudge banner at flower paradise graphics please,

    image ( 1 image): http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/th...adow_Triad.png
    background color: black/silver
    text font ( www.dafont.com ): idk
    text: Text exactly this way, with the dots in between the letters and everything, but not in that font, any font is fine.
    anything special: can you like make a glow that fades and the brightest spot on the picture. Thanks!
    artist: Eeveelover824
    that was all you put nothing about the face or anything...just the dots part and the glow but didn't say where just the brightest spot which was the top :/ make sure to put full description in the special part or i will not make it they way you want it that is way to much of fix i would have to redo the whole banner to make it to that...sorry this time i can't fix it :/
    your request has been made skam i hope you like it 0_0, please pick up your special brush effect banner at flower paradise graphics and thanks again for choosing my shop
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