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  • Hmmph, ah, World So Cold...

    Never thought I'd feel this,
    Guilty head and broken down inside,
    Living with myself, nothing but lies...

    I always thought I'd make it,
    But never knew I'd let it get so bad.
    Living with myself is all I have ....

    I feel lost,
    I can't come to love,
    I feel like I'm frozen in time!

    Living in a world so cold, wasting away,
    Living in a show with no soul,
    Since you've gone away!
    Living in a world so cold,
    Count in the days,
    Since you've gone away! You've gone away!

    ... I think I got the lyrics right.
    lol i don't think that gunna happen again that soon and where you live again? i forgot XD its been awhile...
    Kk, I know Pain. One of my favorites.

    Pain, without love,
    Pain, can't get enough,
    Pain, I like it rough cause I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all....

    ...You're sick, of feeling down,
    You're not the only one!
    I'll take, you by the hand, and I'll show you a world that you can understand.
    This life, is filled with hurt,
    When happiness, doesn't work.
    Trust me, and take my hand,
    When the lights go out, you'll understand...

    I know mine.

    Animal I have Become (Still working on)
    Life Starts Now,
    Give Me A Reason,
    Sign Of The Times,
    Unbreakable Heart,
    Broken Glass,
    The High Road (...Sorta :/)
    Happiness (Somewhat~)
    Never Too Late,
    World So Cold (This one is getting in my memory slower then I thought. I can only remember two parts.)

    So, yeah... xD
    lol it doesn't matter though at least you try to understand its fine XD but anyway eating a doughnut lol
    Ah, makes sense xDDD

    The lyrics are from the top of my head, have my phone with me, but I'm not even listening to them :p

    Kk... switching it if that's the case,

    This is the sign of the times,
    Another mountain to climb,
    The sun burns as hot as the flame in the, devil's eyes...

    This is the sign of the times,
    Another mountain to climb,
    The sun burns as hot as the flame in the, devil's eyes...


    There's chaos out in the rise,
    The sky is raining knives,
    We have mistakened the toll that its taken, on you and I.....
    You and I, you and I...
    no not really double pay when you work a double shift you still get paid what your wage is its just you get more hours to work which will give you more money...your still having the same wage you get when you work though...
    Hah, this is gonna be interesting.

    All we are is broken glass,
    Thrown to the floor,
    We were never meant to last.
    And all we are,
    Are empty shells.
    Try to pick us up,
    You're gonna cut yourself~
    no not really just i worked a double shift like two days ago and put me way behind my shop request but i quickly catched up the next day from rest...it was horrible -_-
    lol its fine im just annoyed when people change there mind about little things at the end no biggy XD but anyway just bored lol
    i see :/ i guess? sorry just a bit annoyed at the moment some customer seems he knows what colors to use in a banner i personally think orange and pink clash with the shiny form of emboar but whatevs as long as he happy lol...i had it originally blue which i think looks more sharper...
    nah i rather be kinda unknown tbh :/ im too popular here it gets annoying trust me...i like attention but dang this can be too much XD doesn't count when i look like a little girl in real life...
    yeah im just to popular lol jk but i do get so many random request in a day...it can be pretty annoying espeically when i don't know the person XD
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