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  • Well for one, just look at how much damage certain attacks do to certain Pokemon. Ever notice how some battlers switch in their Pokes on moves just to see how much they'd do? Also, don't do something risky when it's not necessary. Sure the pay-off might be AWESOME or something, but it's just not good to do sometimes. This mostly just applies for early game when you're trying to figure your opponents team out 4 the most part.

    Just don't overestimate your meaning of "better" anymore, k? x3
    You'll get better for sure if you just preserve.
    You'll get better as you pay attention, bra!

    Getting betters not just about having as many battles as possible and learning nothing from them. Do research as well. A lot of the really good players you're prob thinking have devoted like, quite a bit of time to it.
    You sure? 5 months isn't a very long time in a metagame that changes as much as this one. ^^
    lol its fine it may be a day or two before i get them done cuaz of work so just giving a heads up the shop may not be open as quick as normal...also this is kinda akward to say but here it goes i have been appointed head artist for omega XD its only awkward cuaz it use to be your clan...
    skam you did it again XD my shop just closed up quick XD LOL i swear you keep missing the spots XD
    What mean is people out there have more experience before they join these forums. Not everyone but i am sure there are several. Remember the key to getting better is keeping a straight face, accepting a loss, and learning from the same loss.
    yeah its open still 4 spots still open its been unusually quiet but the other shops been like that too so im not worried...its fine..
    Trust me dude maybe their 2 weeks on serebii but that doesn't mean theyve got more history on competitive itself. Competitive dates from gen 1 pokemon which was years ago.
    5 months? your complaining about 5 months? dude i've been 4 years on competitive pokemon your very good for having such few time of experience.
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