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  • Um, the word "The Pokemon society" All caps and starter Pokemon within the letters. And, like you pointed out, one Pokemon would still remain, could you put it on top of the last letter, or somewhere on it?

    Yes, I had eyes on your profile for a while now. :p Any other place where you can be located, in case I need help?

    Also, may I have your opinion on this?
    Yes, I realized the problem. And, well, I'm not too good at picking images and neither is Bakphoon. What I was wondering is if you could make a text banner that suits your style? Like, you can decide how you want it to be, I've seen your art, and by far you're better than us at deciding what will look good where.

    Very well, I'm gonna try making one using that tutorial. Thank you. :)

    Do you mind if I ask you for help, if I need any, with PS?
    Yes, um, I need just one banner. More than anything else, if you could help me find some guide to learn PS, it would be amazing. Seeing how you, SM, fairy, shadow, you guys do not have a shop anymore, it becomes difficult for us. Like, we tried to replicate your word banner.
    This is what we could do. :|
    I feel you yeah I had a few people I left in the dirt for awhile as well which reminds me need to message charizard back to get my normal safari back up for him in x and y version. I wonder if sun and moon will do that again? I thought that was pretty cool tbh I got some nice ball choice mons shiny because of it ^_^ I just actually picked up the game yesterday for a bit hatching the rest of my fletchling eggs. I want a shiny gale wings talonflame >.> I got two so far that has big pecks -_- I actually haven't played much yugioh either on and off but nothing serious.
    thats great ^_^ glad your life is doing good ;) I just been busy with life which barely on serebii as I use to be which I occasionally been playing other video games when I have some free time over here. I just didn't really feel like logging on that much for awhile >.> I even boycotted pokemon for awhile >.> I just didn't feel like picking the game up. I been mostly playing fire emblem fates,bravely second on my 3ds,and resident evil revelations 2 with my boyfriend on the ps3.
    yeah and I see we don't keep up with meta as much as we use to but we do keep up with the ban list normally but never even took a look at the new banlist to come unless its already done. I forgot when they post them since they change it faster now if I remember correctly >.>
    yes it was ^_^ I actually haven't played yugioh in months which my boyfriend is pretty much starting not to play much anymore >.>
    well my old laptop died randomly after the fan stopped working so I had to buy a new one and then the 1st new one I accidently left in in when the power went out and the next day it just never turned on and it wad diagnosed the motherboard was fried. I bought the one I am on now and it works much better actually and its a refurbished one. Thanks ^_^ I was pretty shocked that she joined actually I think she did it to help me out with the shop so it doesn't close for being inactive tbh do to I lost my photoshop and everything and yeah I am pretty busy which it is a pain to download for reasons.
    ahhhh I see I get you but your you welcome ^_^ anyway yeah we really haven't talked that much in awhile I still have to download photoshop back to my new laptop since my old one that had it died and the first new laptop I got motherboard got fried -_- long story. Sweet may works at my shop now btw not sure if you noticed ^_^ She asked to join :) I also just obtained the shiny charm too thanks to the help of my friend on serebii.
    your welcome skarm I just looking out for you sweetie :3 and yeah sorry it fill up so fast >.< and congrats on the banner win I didn't even know there was a contest going XD
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